By Pandy1031 - 09/02/2017 08:00 - United States - Crofton

Today, as I was shampooing my hair in the shower, the power went out. Since my house has well water, no power means no water. FML
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Generators are a big investment if you are in an area that doesn't often lose power it's not likely that you have one.

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Too bad it wasnt raining outside...


wet happened to the power? hehe sorry had to XD

At least the lights went out, too, so no one can see how ridiculous you look with dried shampoo in your hair. Silver lining?

OMG! This is the absolute worst that could happen to anyone! I wouldn't wish this to my enemies.

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Really? Suds in the hair. Devastating, Life as we know it ends no doubt.

I feel your pain OP, I live in a 1986 Cheiftan Winnebago RV, which means no water, ever! Count your blessings, though, at least its not a regular occurrence. (I still manage to bathe regularly btw for those who .may he concerned and/or disgusted XD lol)

Ugh I feel you, I grew up on a well with frequent power outages :(

We live on well water, and if a generator is out of your budget, I'd highly recommend storing at least a few gallons of water if you have the space. We do and it really made a difference when a storm came through and knocked out the power for a few days!

Sounds like your water tank is waterlogged. The well tank is supposed to have some air at the top to allow the tank to more efficiently store water. But over time the air tends to dissolve in the water. That's why it has an air valve at the top to allow you to add air. If the tank were not waterlogged you would have got several gallons of water out after the power went off. Biggest issue with a waterlogged tank is that the well pump motor runs much more often but for shorter periods which can make it wear out sooner. I grew up in the country and we all had wells and pumps and water tanks. Occasional my dad or granddad would have to pump in some air into the tank while running a few gallons of water out with the pump off.