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Today, there was a power outage at my apartment. I ended up deciding that the power wasn't going to come on any time soon, and that I should go to a hotel for the night. Just after I unpacked at the hotel, my neighbor called to say the power had come back. FML
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  _streets_  |  19

If its cold enough a blanket wouldn't really give you enough heat. It snowed where I live last night and its pretty cold here. If the power went out and we had no heat we wouldnt just be able to rely on a blanket. So maybe consider what kind of situation op is in.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

@33 Stay at my house without power and try to get the water running. I said in SOME cases no power = no water. Maybe not where you live but maybe it is this way where OP lives.

  mcaisse77  |  17

2 years ago, there was a blizzard where I live and I lost power for a week. We had no heat, or water because we live out in the middle of nowhere and have well water. It was cold, and uncomfortable, but we survived.

  Chelarie  |  9

I too live in a rural area where if we lose power, we also lose water because we're on a well. However, i can figure out how to survive without running water. The last thing I want to waste my hard earned money on is a motel room because I'm too big of a pussy to sleep in the dark and not have a glass of water on my night stand for a few hours.

  Wakachulak  |  22

I have slept in -12 centigrade and a blanket was sufficient. There's always the option of TWO blankets.

And I should point out that OP lives in an APARTMENT, so he does not use well water. Unless Michigan (OP's state) has apartment blocks that use well water? I don't know, I've never been to Michigan.

  Aleys_fml  |  21

#96 "The sink does not use electricity. " Thanks Sherlock! But for your information the pump that pumps water into my house does use electricity.

  Villy23  |  12

OP is in Michigan. It is NOT so cold here right now that a few blankets and warm clothes would be insufficient. Perhaps OP should invest in some candles or a lantern and a battery-operated heater. I can understand taking off if you KNOW it will be a while for the power to be back on. But if you can't last a whole whopping night without power, that's sad.

By  alycion  |  38

By any time soon, do you mean a few days? I can't see running to a hotel right away. Unless if there is a need. I spent 11 days without power during a hurricane and managed to keep a home based web business up and running off of cell phones and pocket pcs. Smart phones would have made it easier but it was before their time.

  SoultheWolf  |  19

I know what you mean... Seriously? Why go straight to a hotel? I had to spend 8 days without power when we had a really nasty hurricane pass through. It's not really that hard...

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Playing "Clue" by the light of a Coleman lantern with my family was so fun. Stupid power companies are becoming too dependable. We haven't had an outage over a few minutes in years.

By  TrinityisLife  |  22

Most companies have a phone number you can call to get an ETA on when power may be restored. Did you at least call? The time stamp on your post shows right before sunset you posted and it wasn't even dark yet on the East Coast.