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Today, the power went out at school. If it's out for more than twenty minutes, standard procedure is to let us go home. They came back on almost nineteen minutes later. FML
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lollovelife0304 3

That sucks, getting out of school early is always fun. Too bad.


Poor OP had to stick around and get an education...

JustDerpin 11

OP should be glad they have an education. Think of all those poor children who wish they had one.

In Somalia, the literacy rate is 50% for men and 25% for women. In America, it's almost 100%. I'll admit that sounds pretty sucky, buy just be thankful for your opportunity to get an education.

DatRealAssTruth 3

Wat is one day gonna make em dumb? Thts just bad luck

The day 33 missed class was the day the teacher was going over how to spell what, them, and that's.

33 - Just look at the grammar and spelling of your sentence. Then think about what people who say "one day won't make them stupid" can do to society... Edit: Looks like 41 beat me... ;)

I think the teacher covered sucking that day also.

20 minutes is a LOT shorter than at my school. Not that unlucky op

A similar situation happened to me. One morning swim practice the lifeguards didn't show up on time. There is a rule that if they don't show up for a half hour, we can go home. They showed up 27 minutes later. >:(

97- you're missing the point, the point is that OP got really close to being dismissed from school, and just when his hopes got high, the universe spit in his face. it wouldn't matter if the time limit was an hour or just ten minutes.

lexi365 20

My school, it's 15 minutes. But we have back up generators so we never get a power outage....

One time, our power went out here in the whole town for about two or three days. We went without power for one day at school, then all the other days we got to stay home.

Oooooo yeeeaaaa. School is fo fools hammie.

Austy34 5
BeforeItWasCool 12

We mean, that with school, you could have perhaps become a functioning member of society, rather than an illiterate dumbass. Or, a would-be troll, whatever this is.

lollovelife0304 3

That sucks, getting out of school early is always fun. Too bad.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Getting out of school is exciting! One time last year (I was a junior) we got out of a whole 90 minute block because our teacher was busy and they forgot she had a class at the time. XD

llamalpaca382 13

I had something similar happen. One time in 10th grade, our history teacher had a meeting, and the sub never showed up. It was awesome xD

Lol I had a fire at my school, you could see a line of students going home and the others standing outside, for a long time. Needless to say I gtfo. Good Day.

Lol I had a fire at my school, you could see a line of students going home and the others standing outside, for a long time. Needless to say I gtfo. Good Day.

When 9/11 happened ( I believe it was grade 10 for me ) the school let us take the day off. No disrespect to what happened that awful day, I was just giving my short story of time off school

I do anti-bullying and anti-homophobia presentations at schools and a lot of schools give us the entire afternoon, so I let kids out early. I'm just a nice guy like that.

KommanderKush420 5

Somebody called a bomb threat at my school once when I was a niner. We got half the day off and the school had to call the bus company to send busses to evacuate everyone. Man, that day was the 'bomb'.

Yes, it can, but don't ever question it, or you might find yourself moderated.

Okay, Avril Lavigne. No? ...I'll just go in the corner over there.

jellyybeans 5

"so **** it all and let's get high"

And commas, can be, unnecessary, sometimes. "One grammar nazi guy!"

So FYI because you didn't go back to home from school? Kids these days, just wait till college and you will feel like school was a club

So you're saying: In college you don't want to get home early?

amandajlucas2015 2

No I think they are trying to say college will make highschool seem fun

In my opinion it's difficult comparing college to high school. In high school, for the most part, it's a free education in college when you have to pay for it you tend to take it more seriously or at least in my case.

So you're telling me when you were in highschool, you wouldn't want to get out early? Why do people try to be like kids these days when they were kids once... some must have forgot what being a kid is like i guess.

I actually think college is easier than high school; there's less responsibility and most of my professors don't even count homework as part of the grade.

hawright 13

53- That is an adenine, ribose, and three phosphate groups attached in your picture isn't it you sly little devil? Oh ATP, how I love thee.

Oh, I know how that feels! Someone probably jinxed it by packing up and getting ready to head home, didn't they?

What the **** is up with your pic, Morg?

Nabee143 3

142 She's taking a shit, obviously. Lol Or..... Maybe you pooped on her? I mean your name is something along the lines of "I pooped blah blah..."?

I think the principal was just messing with you guys to get your hopes up.

I bet it's the maintenance guy of your school who wanted to play with your nerves. :D

missabbey 3

At my school we've stayed all day without guys have a much better chance of going home then we do

At my school we have systems that generate electricity in case the power goes out

By any chance, is your school in Soviet Russia?

There was Hurricane coming over my school a few months ago (Isaac) and we only got out for a half day :/

Our schools have automatic generators so if it goes out during the day we stay there, but if it goes out before school we just stay home (and the generator runs all day anyway)

Wow, it was different at my school. Our power went out for half the day and we stayed there, no A/C and they could not cook any food for lunch. FYL OP.