By James - 08/02/2016 22:55 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, the power in my village went out. This caused the back-up battery powered alarm to go off. Nobody in the house even knew our alarm worked, let alone how to make it stop. It's been going off for over an hour now. FML
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Hammer time!

FYL op, alarms are annoying as hell.


FYL op, alarms are annoying as hell.

Hammer time!

obviously they don't use it ever, bludgeoning with a hammers justified.

As Nicki Minaj (god I hate even typing this) would say: pound the alarm

I read it in the voice of MC Hammer

Light it on fire

No, we smash it with a hammer until we can move it outside and then light it on fire with gasoline.

Wouldn't that just set the fire alarm off too?

Hopefully everything will start getting better OP!

Open the cover/lid. Disconnect the battery. If the outside strobe has a separate battery you might need a ladder to do the same outside. Then get an alarm technician to reset the PIN so you can start using it again.

Hope everything gets better, OP! That must be annoying. FYL.

Beyonce yelling "ring the alarm" started playing in my head.

I started hearing, "Ring the alarm and I'm throwin' elbows" in mine. Now it's stuck in my head and I just want it to stop. Thanks a lot for the very literal Dirrty mind, OP

ananicosia 28

At this point your only option is destruction

RIP everyone's ears

Dude. Remove the batteries.