Snow Day

By iamlauraheremecry - 27/01/2011 05:11 - United States

Today, my power went out due to a huge snow storm. I was in desperate need of candles and flashlights. I had to walk to the store since the roads were closed. I walked 4 miles in the blizzard. When I got home, the power came back on. FML
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whatever it was a good work out nevertheless

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feel sorry for you op. im in the same snow storm. took me more than 7 hours to get home from work yesterday

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and hypothermia! that must have been a wonderful day(:

You deserve it for not having at least one flashlight in your house.

Exactly, you should have that shit at your house, it's not the first storm of the season and it wasn't a ninja snow storm, where the weather man is like today 80 and sunny, looks outside, never mind -20 and snow. What did you need to do that you needed candles that badly?

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#17 has got that right. Unless someone was dying and you don't have neighbors that could help out, there's no reason to walk 4 miles in a blizzard for some candles and flashlights. We survived without electricity for thousands of years, I'm sure you could have gone a least a few hours, of not a few days. YDI for being a dumbass.

Yeah, just be more prepared next time then this won't happen.

Don't you have neighbours or something?

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At least you'll be prepared for the next storm.

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At least you got your exercise in for the day. Why didn't you just go to sleep if you had no light? Kind of an obvious solution, if you ask me.

It's not as if candles would be bright enough to get any kind of productive work done, anyway. Go to sleep at night (pro tip: that's the bit when the sky goes all dark) like the diurnal creature you are.

no car, phone, neighbors? or candles or flashlight? WTF.

Why subtract car? OP said they WALKED 4 miles in a snowstorm. Don't you think they would have driven if they had a car?

The roads were closed. Read before you post.

She could've driven but the roads were closed.

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I love when people don't read what was said and then make an ass of themselves. It's almost as good as the actual FMLs

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Yeah, maybe they're Amish, so no flashligts, phones, neighbours (what?), for when their ELECTRICAL POWER goes out. Oh wait, what?

you don't have to subtract car necessarily. OP could go sit in there car, where there's light, heat, radio, etc. they don't necessarily have to drive it, they could just wait out the power outage in it. for example maybe he/she had a paper or work to do that they needed light for and had to get done, you can write in a car.