By freckle82 - Canada
Today, I woke up at 4:30am because I forgot to turn my Blackberry off 'loud'. I woke up to find an email from my ex-boyfriend's crazy mother who had sent me pictures of her son's wedding that had happened over the weekend. I am still single. FML
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By  Jaywin  |  3

Bang a new dude every night and take a vid of each encounter. Send them to her and your ex-bf to remind your ex-bf you can still go out and have sex with whoever you want and to show your ex-bf's mom that you're a hottie while she's old and unwanted.

By  AngelRaven89  |  0

That seems like your ex got married not long after breaking up with you if your ex-mom still has your number. Speedy mairrages usually don't last so you can be happy about that. Just be glad you arrn't the one stuck with a crazy mother in law :)