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By Sprtsgeek13 - 13/09/2012 12:37 - United States - Camden

Today, I had my girlfriend over to meet my parents. After dinner, we were in the living room talking. My dad thought it would be funny to grab our cat, stick it down his shirt, then pretend to give birth to it, with sound effects. FML
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Comet_Candy 23

Your father sounds like an absolute riot!

I don't think she's going to want to continue your family line anytime soon, OP.


I don't think she's going to want to continue your family line anytime soon, OP.

TheTwistedOtaku 16

Atleast he has a sense of humor, I'd love to have a dad like OP's.

He sounds cool .. I mean imagine if it was your friend.. I bet you'd laugh :D

LMFAOwned 9

Nothing is wrong with your father. Ask your girlfriend next time, "why so serious?"

Aha your father sounds like a fun guy. I'd laugh if I were your girlfriend. I mean it's always good to have a funny guy in the family right?

tjv3 10

This made me laugh out loud thanks OP

If I was OP's girlfriend I would laugh my ass off.

Comet_Candy 23

Your father sounds like an absolute riot!

He sounds annoying and very strange. If OP and her get married I wonder what the father will do b

redmane 21

onlychildFTW sounds annoying and very strange.

Yeah agreed^^^

SenselessPattern 12

Who was the lucky midwife?

ThisIsHard 5

If he's like this now, Imagine what he's like when drunk.

Idiot. You'll have to guess who that's directed to. Don't get it wrong.

redmane 21

Was it to 17? I bet it was a response to 17.

Good way to break the ice...

LO388 7

And he was right, that is pretty funny.

momolee 4

He just wanted to remind them what happens if they don't use protection.

Did he claw his way out? You can't have a birth without bloodshed. At least he didn't shove him down his pants. Ouch.

It would have been even worse if he put it in the back of his pants and pretended it was a poop

Say goodbye to your asshole.

I'd expect enough blood for four births. My cats would claw me to shreds if I tried even putting them down my shirt. (They don't even care for being picked up, they might tear your face off for just that.)

Ever have trouble with constipation well say good bye to ever having that problem again all you have to do it put a cat down the back of your pants and let it go crazy down there.

45 - Thank you sir, for that incredibly graphic idea.

skittycat213 19

Your poor cat...

captainburke 5

I know I'm surprised the cat didn't rip him to shreds! Maybe the cat is declawed...

kittytub 12

51- we are planning our revenge now, don't worry.

captainburke 5

63- your profile pic rocks! Is that your cat?

kittytub 12

67- yup. his name is Lexington and he has a fan club. ;)

I would want a father in law like this. He have an interesting sense of humor XD

...the signs it's time to look for a home...

I like how the first two commenters have cat profile pics.

I 2nd that. *compares who's cat is cuter *

OP's cat probably had the same expression as cat #2.

This isn't his first time doing this is it? At least he didn't try to do it to you ?!

Sounds to me like your dad just wants to have fun, I'm sure your gf thought it was entertaining. I would of had a blast watching this :)