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Today, my cat went into labor. This is surprising since 6 years ago, we paid to have her spayed. FML
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Wow. She's stubborn ain't she?


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Wow. She's stubborn ain't she?

Or OP has a shady vet that didn't actually spay the cat and said they did , highly unlikely but still possible.. There are some pretty shady people in this world that will do/say anything to make a quick $

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Or maybe the vet made a mistake and didn't notice?

Indeed, it's not that uncommon for a spaying not to be as effective as it was supposed to be. We were warned about that in vet school.

By "spaying" I actually mean tying off the tubes, not removing any organs. My apologies, I'm only really familiar with the dutch and medical terms :)

That's sucks sorry OP .. Look on the bright side you get adorable little kittens:D

Kittens are cute but the hassle of taking care of more and more cats and maybe she didnt want to deal with that so thats why she maybe got them spayed.

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Not exactly the most effective birth control it seems

The most effective is actually my personality. :D *forever alone*

10- don't think you quite understood or perhaps under appreciated the pun :D good one btw

No it's very easy to understand. I meant that like, he's spot on! He didn't make the cut on the cat, or as a vet.

Cut it out guys, can't we all play knife?

Ooooh, pleonasm with the dagger! You edged me with that one. Very cutting edge, if I may.


Just cut to the chase, it was a very sharp comment on Pleonasm's part.

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Sorry OP, on the bright side, you get little baby kittens! I mean, who can resist them?!

You were 5 minutes late on that one, check out 2's comment.

23- You do know not everyone goes through every single comment before posting right?

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Do they have er insurance for these kind of situations? Haha.

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Oh, Pleonasm. How I admire your seemingly effortless amazing puns.

There's more to my surgical puns than it seams.

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I would contact the vet. If they did this on purpose, they're corrupt assholes and who knows what they did inside her. It could also have been an accident, where they did the procedure on the wrong cat instead, or did the wrong procedure on her. It's also possible for the uterus to grow back if only a partial hysterectomy was performed. Again, you would need to contact the vet to find out if they did a partial or a full on her. This also happens to humans- if a woman has a partial hysterectomy performed on her that uterus can still grow back in later. Whatever happened, you certainly have my sympathy. I know how awful the new kitten experience is going to be for you- watching them grow, keeping one or two if you're capable, then giving them to people who may harm them, or having to leave them at shelters where they're likely to be killed. You might be able to find a no-kill shelter, but they're always so full. Good luck.

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I just did some more reading, and maybe I was wrong about the uterus regrowing. I know that when my mother had hers a part of it managed to 'regrow' and seal over, but from what I've been reading it doesn't seem possible to fully regrow. DocBastard, you got any input?

I'm pretty sure they don't take the cats uterus out. They "tie" her tubes. My friend had a cat that they had spayed 5 times, she would still go into heat and ended up having 2 litters, some cats can't be spayed or neutered. Same thing happens to humans.

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22- Not always though. Often times the spaying process for cats involves removing the ovaries and the uterus. They tie the cervix off at the end. Sometimes vets will leave the uterus, but usually they take everything. They're not supposed to just leave the ovaries, because the cat still goes in heat. I'm not trying to be annoying, I just grew up being told that "Mom had to have a second surgery because her uterus grew back", and now I'm learning that's not really possible.

every animal I have owned has been spayed/neutered and when they spay a cat/dog the basically give them a hysterectomy. At least any reputable vet will do that.

Anyone read that all even??? I sure didn't. Haha.

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29- Hence the words "can happen". When someone says "can happen", you don't give a rebuttal that starts with "Not always, though.".

Another pussy failed to get spayed... Nah, that's too harsh. Suffice to say, onlychildFTW that you just make yourself like an ass by posting that. You could've just skipped over it, some people did read it because they're actually interested in the discussion.

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32-... I'm sorry, but I just don't see the words 'can happen' any where there. I even did a word find and the only instance of that phrase was when you used it.

A spay is an ovariohysterectomy. Everything is removed. It is.impossible to get pregnant after this procedure. Likely there was a mistake at the vet or you had a vet that did not do the procedure.

The cat may also have had a second uterus. When I was young I worked at a vet's office and we had a couple of cases where we were neutering male dogs and they had extra testicles that hadn't descended. Weird, but it happens. The vet in this case may not have noticed extra equipment if it was off to the side where it shouldn't be. Incisions for spay surgeries are usually kept as small as possible to avoid complications.

It does NOT regrow. However, if the ovaries are still in place and depending on how much uterus was removed it is possible to become pregnant, but it's like a 1 in 25 million chance.

Over here, what's called spaying by the public (but actually isn't), almost always involves only tying the tubes unless there is a medical reason to remove more. Sadly, while that method is easier on the animal, it isn't always 100% secure.

Why do people type and post anything if they're not interested in reading? Why do you think other people will be interested in what you wrote? I think this discussion, the parts with useful bits of facts, are informative.

I googled this. A cat spay, or ovariohysterectomy, is the surgical removal of the ovaries and the uterus. It is a routine procedure that is performed under general anesthetic. Although cat spays have typically been performed at 5-6 months (when the cat reaches sexual maturity), recent research suggests that spays can be safely performed at a much earlier age (e.g. as early as 8 weeks).