By Anonymous - 23/10/2013 16:04 - Canada - Richmond

Today, I witnessed my boyfriend taking a dump in the litter box. He said he wanted to know what it felt like for the cat. FML
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Well, for the cat, it feels normal. For humans....

Not every cat-related story requires this pun, I assure you.


Well, for the cat, it feels normal. For humans....

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At my old high school, all classrooms carried a huge bag of cat litter, toilet paper, a large bin, a curtain, and two cans of air freshener in a closet. In the event of a prolonged lockdown, these were provided for use as a makeshift toilet... O_O

Okay, you've peaked my curiosity. Explain why your school would prepare for extended lockdowns. The only valid reason I can think of is if someone spots perdix, but in that case the entire city might be cordoned off.

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Well, it is in ShitCal, the armpit of America. Land of gangs, guns, drugs, psychos, and overly rebellious hipsters.

Piqued* I'll take the fall for that one.

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Correction: Perdix's expansive rhetoric is a threat to ALL of humanity. To defeat him, Twain, Wilde, and Thoreau would all have to be resurrected at the same time...

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Damn, I need to pay attention! I skipped this one because I knew it would be a cesspool of pussy and "shitty situation" comments. Then, I come here and find that I have become the subject of ridicule!

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I went to my friends apartment today & his roommates cat had shat on the couch. Not as bad as kitty litter in a closet but it smelled horrible & I'm pretty sure that cushion is ruined

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Off topic! I call shenanigans; you will be escorted off of the internet.

what does he have a cat fetish or somethin'

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This comment fell far below expectations. At least for this type of FML.

Not every cat-related story requires this pun, I assure you.

Why bother responding. We are just feeding these people by making a big deal. Just thumb them down and hopefully people will eventually stop with this and and the "shifty situation" pun as well .

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I read the comment above about the high school and litter, and I thought that was the FML because it was so awful. I was trying to figure out why this was relevant.

#3 you just got burned by an FML celebrity. You should be honored.

#35- I'm not a Grammar Nazi, so I'm not gonna correct you. Thank me later.

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#118- Then why comment at all...?

The only thing I can think of is why does he want to know?

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Because it is very polite to consider the feelings of animals as well. Get with the program!

5- Well, because curiousity know. ;P

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Oh man, I hope you got a pic. I hope he scooped it himself!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! OP wins a boyfriend who uses a litter box :-)

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51- So she should say **** the whole relationship because of one stupid thing he did? okay...

I'm going to assume there was a pun intended, and negate that thumbs down

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Bringing catfish a whole new meaning

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I don't believe this had anything to do with a fish?..

#9 do please explain this apparent new meaning you have for the term "catfish".

he knows he cant be a cat right? i would hope so... lol this seems legit