By legallyblondemad - United Kingdom
Today, I was at the park with my new boyfriend. We were sitting between some trees, when some of his mates turned up at the park. He pushed me behind a tree so his mates wouldn't see and went to join them in a game of football. He pretended not to know me. FML
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  daniisme  |  0

I had the same problem. my mates pretended not to know me in front of deusche bag... shit.... Nathan... I actually DID forget then... the irony O.O

  _Noon_  |  0

Well I can't say anything about that, because I don't know either of them. But I think it's really sad to be ashamed of your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you can't even have your friends to meet him/her, what's the point anyway? Who are you fooling then?

  gildedmuse  |  0

It's not so much that I support the seventh post being nothing but a declaration of this person's inability to count, but how is it that a message as innocent as "Yay!" got buried under negative votes while the posts above and below that call this poor girl various names, assume things about her weight and how it is automatically her fault for not fitting their definition of physically attractive (even though they have no proof of this) and the general misogynistic viral that has streamed forth from this comments gets a pass?

I suppose a better question is why I constantly hope to see a level of empathetic and/or intelligent discussion taking place here, even after repetitively being proven that such reactions are unpopular and unwanted.