By Becca - 31/01/2010 05:06 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 6 months asked me to spend the night at his apartment for the first time. I had to poop really bad when I got there, so I used his only bathroom. He went after me, and came out a few seconds later, gagging. Apparently, I clogged his toilet. FML
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so it isn't a myth. girls really do poop. toilet-clogging poops.

Everything's bigger in Texas... except the toilets, eh?


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that sucks monkey balls lmaooo

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apparently? either you did or you didn't.

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to all you dumbasses who say you must be fat, skinny anorexic people take ***** just like bigger people do. and ALL girls take *****!!!!!

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no they dont; girls dont poop everyone knows that.

lol I Hella flushed the toilet throughout my shit just now

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yeah everyone knows girls don't poop. girls don't fart either so stop confusing people. idiot.

this happend to new sep when I kep flushing it kep rising and was about to overflow ahhh lol

ohhhh, so then it really was ice cream in 2 girls 1 cup. i knew it.

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eww gross >.< then again we all do it sometimes rite? tht sucks lol

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so it isn't a myth. girls really do poop. toilet-clogging poops.

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Don't believe her lies. We don't poop. She is just trying to trick you!

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lol #55 and yup my sister dose it all the time

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YDI for clogging his terlet with lincoln logs. Someone needs some fiber in their diet.

fake you would of known that you clogged the toilet before you left unless you are a real. dumbass fml is so fake seriously tell real stories don't lie on your arse and make up fake stories

100% FAKE!!!!! Girls just DO NOT poop!

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hahaha ur stupid!! if you don't poop you can die! so duuuhh!! the poop can clog up ur intestine and it can burst if it gets too clogged!! soo :P

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uhhhh this isn't 1st grade guys girls poop I'm a girl and I know that as a fact!!! an 45 is right you would be dead I'd ya didn't crap!!

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btw when I said guys I meant everyone not just the guys………