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Oh, hi!

Today, I went to visit a friend I hadn't seen in ages who lives alone out in the country. I arrived and found the front door unlocked but no one was home. I went in anyway and helped myself to some food. Then a family I had never seen before came in, and I realized it wasn't my friend's house. FML
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  IAmAGinger  |  7

13- that's fine, my friends parents' tell me that, too. But where the OP hadn't seen this particular friend in ages, it seems that they're obviously not particularly close. Therefore, OP shouldn't have walked in, and DEFINITELY should not have helped themselves to food.

  missalkali  |  8

29- doesn't mean they're not close, it means they haven't seen each other in ages. I have friends I haven't seen in ages that I'm very close to, it's just not practical for us to visit each other because of the distance.


It's also in the country. Even further than that it is in Australia. It could be a lot different there than in the city or suburbs where we lock everything and trust nobody.


It really depends on their relationship with said friend. I know people who will get offended when I ask for things and insist this I help myself. Still, that had to be a hard one to explain to the family that walked in...

  indigohippopo  |  20

It could have been one of OP's best friends and they could have been really close still despite not seeing each other for a long time. Especially if OP's friend was expecting OP then I don't see how it's strange for OP to walk in and help his or her self .. wouldn't you let your friend do that if they were coming over??

  onlychildFTW  |  33

You shouldn't even do that if they are your best friends and you are sure. I wouldn't want my friends coming in and if I wasn't there just eating my food. YDI OP. You just don't do that.

  nature_girl_08  |  14

51: i'm with you. i've been best friends with mine for about 15 years now, and if visited when he wasn't home, i ALWAYS asked his mom if it was alright if i had a snack. if no one was home, i would have sent him and/or his mom a text and waited outside on the porch, even though i knew their door was unlocked.

YDI, OP. probably should have at least made sure you had teh right house before you walked in and helped yourself :/

  steak87  |  1

It's outback Oz. Believe it or not, there actually are places in the world that you don't get shot or stabbed on site for not being recognized.
It's an old mate that lives out in the country, therefore there aren't that many houses/ properties around. Would be easy to get dis-oriented. If he thought for sure it was his mates' places, then sure thing eat their food lol.

By  mal2012  |  4

U didnt think to call n let ur friend know u were on ur way? Or that u were there?.... Well i hope the other fam was understanding.

  chellyX92  |  8

Even with the grammar of a tooth pick I'm thumbing you down because OP went to the wrong house. Even if they did call and say they where on their way, doesn't matter because they went to the WRONG house.

(not sure if I used the right "where" or "their")

  Ren_Uchiha  |  11

32- what the hell? Nobody I know texts like that, and if they did, I'd never text them again. Also, this isn't even texting, so im not sure why you put that.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I can't stand text talk. Especially since almost everyone has a smart phone, with a full keyboard. It made more sense to txt lik dis wen fones didn't have full keyboards. But now there is no need to do that. I don't text me friends back if they use text talk to me.

  angeluv_2014  |  22

... He obviously thought it was his friends house... that's why he thought it was okay. Did you even read the FML??
Haven't you ever accidentally tried to get into the wrong car? Accidentally walked into the men's room? This is pretty much an accident along those lines... only far more embarrassing; I'd have to say.