By wtf - 15/08/2010 12:52 - United States

Today, I found out that my overprotective parents hired a private investigator a month ago, who since then has been watching my perfectly normal boyfriend, in case he "tries to rape or kill" me. We're both 25 years old. FML
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Don't worry about it... hopefully the investigator is just taking your parents' money and isn't even watching you. He just reports once a month that you haven't been killed or raped yet.


people trying to be first and failing is funny...

whoknows maybe thats how your parents got together

op you'll be sorry when he rapes and kills you after the PI leaves

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your parents really have some issues.

just pay the PI not to follow him. he'll want the money, probably.

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just bc ur 25 doesnt mean ur boyfriend doesnt have the ability to rape u. theres even a higher chance at that age rather than a 16yr old relationship

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just have sex with your BF... then it isn't rape. you can just have rough sex

Some parents just have issues.. They think they are doing the best for you, but they are actually just screwing things up. Pack your stuff, leave and don't look back.

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omg it's mercy aaaaaaah! I'M LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVAAAAAAR! mercy will you make babbies with me?

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You should totally get the investigator involved in your lives. it makes their job easier and you now have a new friend:) I've no idea why but the idea of making him your friend reminds me of Friends.

So? "Some douchebag's parents hired me to keep an eye out for a girl's boyfriend. The idiot hasn't attempted rape or murder yet. FML"

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that really suxs... first !!!!

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so tell me sir how does it feel to have failed so greatly? does it embarrass you that commentors will ROFLWAFFL at your lack of success?

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feels like a bitch feels like this should be my fml...... lol

Damnit. Ignore this comment or try to find something useful in it. Good luck.

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I really like scrambled eggs on pancakes :')

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I really like scrambled tissue on my window

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i like waffles and pancakes with sum OJ :P

2 that's a fail lol better luck next time

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while I was typing my comment someone upload there comment :( damn iPod keeps freezing

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I would flip shit if my parents did that. Now you should hire a private investigator to watch your parents all the time.

Or OP should put on a little show for the PI and scare the Hell out of her parents.

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Better yet, hire the same private investigator.

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Jeez, move far away. Your parents are crazy

that's taking overprotective to a whole new level...jeez

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how about telling your parents to f@&$ off! cmon your 25

I wonder if they've done that with all the boyfriends you've had in the past.

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You're parents need to get a life. Seriously, get a restraining order from them, you're too old to be controlled like that

"You are parents need to get a life" = what you just said. THIS, people, is why we need to spell things correctly.

overprotective parents + you having a bf + an investigator = your bf being a suspicious rape suspect.