By wtf - United States
Today, I found out that my overprotective parents hired a private investigator a month ago, who since then has been watching my perfectly normal boyfriend, in case he "tries to rape or kill" me. We're both 25 years old. FML
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By  FerrariCake  |  2

Don't worry about it... hopefully the investigator is just taking your parents' money and isn't even watching you. He just reports once a month that you haven't been killed or raped yet.

  allenrotstein  |  0

Some parents just have issues.. They think they are doing the best for you, but they are actually just screwing things up. Pack your stuff, leave and don't look back.

  suppressed08  |  2

You should totally get the investigator involved in your lives. it makes their job easier and you now have a new friend:)

I've no idea why but the idea of making him your friend reminds me of Friends.