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Today, my boyfriend decided that we should go to the carnival in the Bizarre House place where there were a lot of crazy mirrors. I checked myself out in one of the mirrors. Then my boyfriend says "That will probably be the only time you will ever look that skinny." FML
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So many of the people on here are idiots. Girl, you're wonderful and beautiful THE WAY YOU ARE. Don't let the number in a dress or the reading on a scale tell you how much you're worth! You're worth just as much as a size 0 and just as much as a size 28. You should let your boyfriend know that it hurt your feelings and ask him to clarify. Don't go changing yourself for someone else.

It is proven that 95 - 98% of diets fail and fat people (fat in a good way, not a demeaning way) don't eat any more than a thin person! Size does not equal health. If you people believe that, you're very naive and need to seriously grow up. People are different in size, shape, color, and personality. Being different is BEAUTIFUL!

  stronascurge  |  0

omg, THANK YOU #62!!! you are so right. all of those ads and shit that are around now just make all girls feel like shit. even if someone looks like angelina jolie, they still think that they're "too this' and "too that". i mean really, NO ONE looks like the girls on tv. i have a friend who is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. she's vietnamese and has like a perfect body and beautiful hair and shes really fun, but she NEVER believes me when i tell her that! she honest t ogod thinks that shes fat and she only weighs like 90 pounds. so what im saying is, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, EVEN IF YOU DONT KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  caramelize  |  0

WTF? She got this whole problem from being in the kitchen.
OP: Your boyfriend's a jerk. If you're fat, you're fat, but he should know to say it with a little more tact. Threaten to sit on him.

  SoreThroat  |  0

Really? 'Cause those trick mirrors make you look like you can't even fit in a 0 size clothing skinny. He probably didn't mean it LIKE that as if the OP was fat or something. He probably meant she'd never be like, Nicole Richie skinny. In that case, I'd be one happy girlfriend, take it as a compliment.

  SoreThroat  |  0

Sorry for the horrible grammar...I suck today.

Anyhow, everyone is being just a tad TOO harsh on the boyfriend, he's probably not a bad guy, just a bad choice of words, guys CAN and are ALLOWED to be stupid sometimes, just like girls are oblivious to the fact men have feelings, I should know. I have 2 brothers, a nephew, and of course my dad.

I would take it as a compliment, those mirrors make you look bulimic. No one wants to look like that, if you do, please receive help.