By redneckfamily - 24/05/2013 07:06 - United States - Roy

Today, I realized my family is the textbook definition of redneck after listening to my grandpa threaten to smash with an excavator the trailer that my uncle lives in behind our house if he didn't return the set of tires he had stolen and pawned from my grandpa's garage. FML
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*banjo noise in background*

Does your grandpa sit in a rocking chair in front with a shotgun in his lap?


*banjo noise in background*

*sees comment*... *closes window*. I'm far too old to be laughing this hard.

You're too old to be laughing hard? What?

You're never too old to laugh...but what's closing the window have to do with it?

I was just hoping it ended in, "Then he got in his tractor and left in rage"

It was the moonshine talking...

Kissing cousins"

Nothing like good family bonding time

Knowledge is power, OP! Now you know and can stop yourself from falling into the cycle of redneck-ery :-)

They've become self aware we're doomed!

you might be a redneck if...

You sure it wasn't about moonshine?

Hold up now, tires??? I'd smash your uncle's trailer up too. Now how will your grandpa move his home? Inconsiderate bastard.

Come on now... Oklahomans aren't that redneck.

most Oklahomans aren't rednecks at all. but thanks for talking shit about my state right after our natural disaster.

Why did you point out Oklahoma specifically? Does it say the op is from Oklahoma? My app just shows country. Also, we might be redneck, but we stand together and help in times of tragedy.

It says Washington on the web site. I assume Washington state and not DC. Neither sounds like big redneck territory to me, but then, rednecks are everywhere.

people talking shit about Oklahoma really pisses me off. we just suffered a great loss in Moore, and have to deal with the westboro Baptist wackjobs threatening to protest children's funerals!

I believe 29 is an Oklahoman herself, hence the reference. And I'm sure she is not trying to offend Oklahomans, which would in essence mean she'd be insulting herself. It's just a light-hearted comment. However, my deepest sympathies to all Oklahomans affected by the recent natural disaster.

Now you are knocking my neighbors. There might be one or two "necks" down there, could be them.

@jess1987 - Seriously? Westboro baptists are protesting the funeral with their bigoted and homophobic rants?

yep. they said God sent the tornado because Kevin Durant is supportive of a gay NBA player.

and just because she lives in Oklahoma doesn't mean she is an Oklahoman, we don't tend to talk shit about our state.

Whoa now, this has gotten way out if proportion. I, myself, am Oklahoman and love it. Contrary to normal opinion, I am proud to be a redneck. Hell, I have a coonskin cap on. I was simply making jest of the situation, never mentioning Oklahoma. I love the state I am from and will die in this state as well. I, too, feel terrible about the recent tornadoes that have hit Moore and Shawnee and have been aiding in the recovery efforts.

nothing of what I said was directed at you, you said nothing about Oklahoma. I was also born and raised in God's country. it just bothers me when people talk negatively about this great state!

59- you're saying Oklahoma is an israeli state?

59, Relax! No one was even saying anything bad about Oklahoma. It was just light-hearted jests about being a "redneck", which from I can see, most people find humorous whether they identify as a "redneck" or not. Stop taking it so seriously.

Neeni thank u. Apparently you and maybe a few others get me. I was joking around coz the commenter was from Oklahoma and he looks and sounds redneck-ish! (no offense to u hawright) and yes I am also from Okla and I live right by Moore so I know everything that has went down. Just chill out and learn to take things not so seriously. laugh! smile!

#44 Rednecks are everywhere, and we have more than our fair share of them in Washington state.

Does your grandpa sit in a rocking chair in front with a shotgun in his lap?

Or come out of the barn screaming "YEEE-HAW!" with two buckets of milk?

do they have a spittoon at key points of the house

I think the History channel has a new reality TV show...

thought there was a show called honey boo boo *shudders

cant be honey boo boo, wouldn't need an excavator if that was the case, honey boo boo's mom could just sit on the trailer (quiet down wasn't trying to make a sentence)

Fuck the fight! OP you should be on warpath. Who the hell gets suspended while their sexual harassment claim is being investigated? Either you fucked around with hotshots, or may be you didn't fuck around...

FML indeed, wrong comment on wrong post, I am ready to be thumbed down, think im too drunk already TGIF.

For a second I thought I had commented on the wrong post, then chuckled at your drunken reply to yourself.

How do you a know a redneck invented the toothbrush? If anyone else had it would be called a "Teethbrush"