By noyodel - Italy
Today, I had been planning a family trip for months. My father had all his bags packed, ready to go in the car. He had my grandmother's ashes in his suitcase, and planned to spread them on a mountain. This morning our car was broken into and everything was stolen. The thief stole my grandma. FML
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By  Skylla1984  |  0

Ohh man! Sorry just doesn't seem like enough in a situation like this. That really really sucks! Maybe they'll realize what they took and bring the ashes back? Then again with the world the way it is, who knows. It's the whole circle of life thing though, it will come back on them later.

  seniorenyore  |  0

they're just dumb and wan to make them feel like crap for no reason. people think random people deserve to have their live fucked up for no reason. for the amusement of them signing onto FML and just be assholes. they say "you deserve it for carrying ashes with you!" honestly, what do they know? if that was their parents ashes and they needed to take them somewhere, they'd be hypocrites. if the same thing happened to them after telling someone they deserved it, i would LOVE to tell them they deserved it...but even then...they don't. people are stupid. someone deserves having their grandma stolen while trying to spread her ashes...pfft whatever!

  adorepink86  |  0

I feel horrible for this person. But its never smart to pack up your car and leave it. I've had way to many friends do that and get everything in their car stole. So I can imagine thats why some people say ydi. But I didnt pick that one!

  wotfukm8  |  18

I actually said both. No one deserves that thing happening to the ashes of a loved one, but leaving a car packed with everything in it, unless it's in a garage, is a huge risk I would never take. That's my reasoning, hate me if you want.

  Wingnuts  |  12

Some people label everything with both replies just so when they run out of new FMLs and go scrolling through the "Random" section, they won't have to read the whole thing to know that they've read that FML before.
It's not a horrible strategy, to be completely honest. It just makes some people look like complete assholes.

By  ToBeShige  |  4

It may be mean to say, but... maybe, shouldn't've left your gramma in a suitcase in the car. Then again, maybe it's a bumpy road and you wanted her to be well-insulated in t-shirts? Wow, this is strange to think about. Sorry that happened though.

By  StallionDuck  |  0

Oh my goodness, I feel more than overwhelmingly sorry for you.
I feel sorry for the sick fuck who stole your grandma's ashes, they have issues and need serious help.
FYL indeed, that is terrible :/