By brittsters - 04/09/2015 17:46 - Canada - Hamilton

Today, I went to visit my mom and my 3-month-old sister. I picked the baby up, totally unaware that she had just eaten. As I went to give her a kiss, she vomited straight into my mouth. Let's just say she wasn't the only one who puked. FML
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And the sibling rivalry starts.

Hopefully you didn't have to clean up that mess to..


Hopefully you didn't have to clean up that mess to..

Sibling solidarity!

Like that one Family guy episode with the piece of pie LOL

cooltatgar 31

Double puke? Her vomit got into your mouth which caused you to puke... I can't unsee that image.

NotGabe 28

She pre-digested the food for you like a mama bird.

nesteremily 31

I've had that happen quite a few times in the church daycare and it sucks. FYL

And the sibling rivalry starts.

Sucks, fml op

My Neice was playing with her little brother, she lifted him up in the air above her and he ended up puking in her mouth. We all laughed pretty good. Luckily she didn't puke as well. That sucks OP, I'm just waiting for the day this happens to my husband or me.

You guys have one sticky bond