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Today, I started my job selling perfume in a department store. I decided to be creative and sprayed a little perfume towards the first person who walked by. She had an allergic reaction, and an ambulance had to be called. FML
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I someone sprayed perfume in my face I'd be like wtf.

I would be seriously annoyed if someone sprayed me with perfume without asking me, allergy or not. Asshole move. You should ask people beforehand, OP, YDI


I someone sprayed perfume in my face I'd be like wtf.

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JadeWinter 16

Yeah me too! And I'd get pretty mad too. Perfume is kinda important to me, and if someone just sprayed random perfume on me, it'd be so annoying.

Exactly. Especially if you didn't like the smell of it and it was on you for the rest of the day.

Why Wud someone spray perfume in someone's face anyway wtf

I would be furious if someone sprayed me without asking. Many people are allergic to components of perfumes. For me, it'd = asthma, hives, and/or a headache- the kind that would make me sick to my stomach and put me in bed a day or two. YDI. Surprised your company doesn't tell employees NOT to do it

onealmxwilson 18

OP must be the person who kept spraying perfume in SpongeBob and Patrick's faces when they were trying to run through the perfume store.

jthmtwin 16

Seriously. It's usually over priced horrid smelling "designer" stuff. Even if you aren't allergic people are sensitive to particular scents like vanilla or sandalwood. Others the oils in the perfume clash with the natural smell/oil on the body making it great for one but dog shit for another. Not to mention any perfume/oil/lotion already being used.

jthmtwin 16

No to mention most adults already know what they like and what smells good on them. Usually high Quality French type over 'Katy perry' or 'brittney'

orbit 22

Wow I guess people have never seen the movie Elf.

Am i the only one thinking about the episode where spongebob and Patrick had to rush through the perfume department?

from the fml, it wasn't exactly ON them, just sprayed in the air. also, why be in the perfume area when you have severe allergies like that?

Hiphuray4peas 27

Seriously? Why not avoid the perfume area?! In some department stores they happen to be right by the entrance... you just can't avoid it unless you avoid the store altogether.

jazzy_123 20

Some department stores have the make up and perfumes together, and if that lady wanted make up then she'd go there. come on, she's the victim, you can't blame her. YDI OP

I believe this is called victim blaming. You, ma'am, are an arse.

You guys do realize 47 was making an Elf reference right?

You know, it could be that the person with allergies was in a store where the perfume department is right when you walk in and right when you walk back out. It could have been the customer couldn't avoid the section of the store without avoiding the store altogether.

It's already bad enough with the kiosks shoving products in your face.

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That's exactly why you shouldn't spray random people with perfume - because you do not know, if they are allergic. Common sense. Also i personally wouldn't be too happy, if someone just decided to spray me with some stuff I probably don't even like.

Because it was rude. OP didn't need to be spraying perfume at random passers-by. I spray cologne before I leave the house, and I'd be pissed if some random salesperson sprayed a scent on me that I didn't know about, and potentially wouldn't like.

BBlah 26

I agree with #1, I'd be a bit pissed about a random salesperson spraying perfume at me as I walked by them

I would hate it if some person would spray me with anything else than Chanel. OP, grow some common sense.

Umm it totally was OP's fault. Getting sprayed without permission is at best: annoying and at worst: ambulance ride inducing

rocker_chick23 27

It is OP's fault. Only an idiot would spray perfume on someone who doesn't consent to it in the first place.

People are saying YDI for exactly the reason you wrote: OP didn't know the customer was allergic...which means they also didn't know if the customer wasn't allergic. There is no reason to spray random people with perfumes, especially because so many people have sensitivities to things like that. Unusual smells can cause migraines, sinus problems, this case, it landed someone in the hospital. I'm also allergic to perfume, only it's a contact allergy. Had I been the one OP sprayed, I would've broken out in nasty, painful hives. I also would've made sure I didn't leave that store without making sure OP lost their job, because what they did was wrong.

And OP would be paying every bill that was associated with the accident.

#2- because it was a stupid thing for OP to do. No one wants to be sprayed with perfume randomly and that ambulance ride could cost the company OP works for, and will most likely cost them their job or at least get them in trouble with management.

NellieeNell 18

And then who's to say they would've even liked the perfume? They would've been walking around all day smelling like something they don't even like. So yes, OP deserved it.

That's also why people who interact with people at work (like hair stylists, people in retail, food service workers, etc.) are only allowed to wear very little perfume, if at all. If you don't know if people are allergic to a fragrance, don't spray it in their face.

Because a lot of people are allergic and you shouldn't spray at strangers... It's common sense..

*People who work in the service industry

Speaking as some one who is this allergic to perfume, don't ever get a job like this!! I am terrified at the thought of being taken to hospital because some one can't take two seconds to think about the potential repercussions of their actions!

imagineapc 11

#2, I am NOT allergic to perfume or cologne but there are several scents that I am sensitive to. I don't want to deal with smelling something that could make me uncomfortable for the rest of my day. Period.

I don't think what Op did was right. But in Op's defence (from how I understood the FML) I don't think she actually sprayed it on the customer, just in their direction/close to them so they could smell it. I imagine Op didn't think it would actually come in contact with the individual. Either way she shouldn't have done it & shouldn't spray it at all unless she has the individual's permission. Although it was Op's fault I still feel bad for her. To be honest I'm shocked this is still a job. I don't know a single person that wants to be sprayed by random perfume. You think they would be better off having a perfume counter with samples that customers can spray on either themselves or a piece of paper to try the smell. That's how it is at the mall where I live anyway. Saves the customers from unwillingly getting sprayed and saves the employee from having to stand there and ask people if they want to be sprayed.

Let's say OP works in fast food a customer says no tomatoes on a burger. OP puts tomatoes on anyway but realized they made a mistake and quickly removes the tomato (not an uncommon practice) the customer gets the food starts eating the burger and suddenly has to be rushed to the hospital because they are allergic to tomatoes. OP never knew about the allergies but it's still OPs fault as far as anyone was concerned

#2: Imagine that instead of randomly spraying people with perfume, OP would've been randomly shoving cake into people's mouths. Without asking if they like that kind of cake, or if they would like to try a piece, or if they like cake at all. See what's wrong now? Also, if your job is to sell perfume, spraying it on random passers-by is the biggest dick move you could possibly make. Did OP receive any training or introductory information? I hardly ever even buy perfume and even I know that one type of perfume can smell awesome on one person and disgusting on the next, and that a lot of people like to use tester strips to try different perfumes before they try one on their skin.

I'm not allergic but I wouldn't want someone spraying perfume in my face.

Yes she's stupid indeed! *she says in a sarcastic voice*

ChristianH39 30

I'll put it this way. If you spray something on somebody that can possibly cause anaphylactic shock, without asking, you're an idiot. If you somehow think it's not your fault because you didn't know, you're an even bigger idiot.

Amen, 27!! I would be furious if someone sprayed me. It'd = sneezing, asthma, and hives.... Sometimes a sinus/allergy headache so severe that I'd be in bed for a day or two and nauseous. Generally avoid perfume department but sometimes it's not possible in some stores......

he'll be lucky if he doesn't get charged with something like assault.

I would be seriously annoyed if someone sprayed me with perfume without asking me, allergy or not. Asshole move. You should ask people beforehand, OP, YDI

A lady working on a perfume counter did this to me once when I was walking through a store on my way to meet a guy. Naturally I was already wearing my own perfume, but she just sprayed me as I walked by and got most of it in my hair. The two smells clashed awfully with each other and the guy spent our whole date trying to avoid being too close to me. I couldn't blame him, I smelled like a cat had marked me as it's territory.

killerdana 19

That always seem to use the stinkiest perfumes too. Whenever I have to walk by them I tell them I'm not interested before they can even ask

Schizomaniac 24

You, my friend, are an idiot.

Guess you both have something in common.

rocker_chick23 27

#17: There is nothing wrong with what #5 wrote.

You decided to be creative by "spraying purfume in someone's face?" Ummmm k

Didn't say she sprayed them in the face. I would say I doubt she's that dumb but figuring her spraying her without consent.. Well..

orbit 22

Still, it's not that creative...

Ask, ask, ask. No matter what you're selling, ask if someone wants to try it first.

WasabiMars 21

A beginner's mistake. Next time you'd say "would you like to try?" before spraying someone with perfume. It's basic courtesy OP. I hope you learned your lesson.

Beginner?? More like idiot's mistake. People like OP are the reason job training for retail jobs include some REALLY stupid (and lengthy) training videos. Your store will have fun with the lawsuit. And future employees will have a blast with the idiotic training required......Grats, noob!

To be honest I'm extremely surprised that Op's boss didn't tell her not to spray perfume on or around anyone unless they give permission. Yes this may seem like common sense, but it also seems like something a boss would tell an employer when training them.

Razi_tail 25

That's exactly what I was thinking 124. That should have been a part of training and if it wasn't, the boss is liable as well.

"I want to go look at some of the dresses, but the only way over to them is through the *gulp* perfume department."

pwnman 33

I swear to god, we have not had a effective YDI FML in a while.