By pink_cupcakes - Australia
Today, I went to the movies alone after the boy I was seeing told me he was busy studying for exams. I found him making out with another girl whilst in the queue. When I confronted him by text he denied that it was him. I saw him check the text and reply. FML
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  rjrudman  |  0

Fake. If he knew you were going to the movies, he wouldn't go to the same venue. Secondly, why would you confront him by a text message if you can actually see him?
GTFO my fmylife

And yes, I did reply to the first post on purpose. Wanna fight about it?

  lexiBRo  |  0

Yeah, I agree 42...most guys wouldn't assume if a girl asks them to take them out that the girl would go w/o them...and perhaps she texted bc she didn't want to cause a scene ?? Not everyone likes to make an ass of themselves running up to a cheating boyfriend in public.

  BrittyBFMV  |  0

why the fuck does confronting him in person have to mean "breaking his neck and wrestling the girl to the ground"?

it's really not that hard to walk up make a comment about him being a liar, let the poor girl know he's a 2 timer, dump his ass and walk away. that's not making a scene. that's making a point.

By  NGM_47  |  0

Well, since you said "the boy I was seeing" I'm guessing he wasn't officially your boyfriend, so I guess it's not that big of a deal. But FYL for him lying to you in the first place.

  bmach  |  0

Why the fuck are women allowed to be so overly dramatic? Reverse the situation and the man would be slapped with an assault charge.

The OP should just move on. You know, like an adult would and not like a dramatic, violent cunt.

By  margrit00  |  0

Seriously, another FML about inviting someone to the movies who lied about why they couldn't go and was later seen at the same theater/movie with someone else??? Yawn... Or fake.