By whooops - United States
Today, after having a few beers at a bar, I gave my ticket to the valet to get my car. I tipped the man $2 and he gave me a huge smile and thanked me a lot as I left. I thought the guy was just really appreciative for those $2 until I got home and saw one of the $100 bills in my wallet was gone. FML
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  nonotme  |  0

YDI for being drunk, anything you do under the influence is your responsibility.

YDI also for carrying around large sums of cash, especially when you're going to get drunk. Idiot.

  vdubz  |  0

Makes things SO much easier? It's really not hard to tell the difference between a $100 bill and a $1 bill. They are the same size and shape, but that's about it. The numbers are different, the picture is different, front and back, if he had even looked at the bill he would know. He most likely felt for it in his wallet. Obviously he did not look at the bill, and making it a different color will do you no good if you don't even look at it.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

We use $1 and $2 coins, it's not always convenient but it does the job. And all of our bills are the same size and shape and they also all have different numbers and pictures related to history, but they are all different colours depending on value. So yes if you're not really paying attention you MIGHT catch your mistake from the corner of your eye because there are noticeable differences in our bills. I have US cash, it's not that exciting and every time someone in the us wants to see Canadian bills, they love them. Especially our new ones. Everyone loves Canada!


Yeah he accidently gave the valet the 100. I honestly don't like carrying 50's or 100's bc cashiers always check to make sure they're not fake and I'm always afraid I have a fake and lose the money.


ok seriously people, a few beers =/= hammered. ESPECIALLY for a casual drinker.
Quit being fucking morons, he wasn't "drunk driving" and a $2 tip is not cheap for someone who parks cars. Fucking seriously, how difficult is parking cars?

  genius_man16  |  0

If he was so drunk that he didn't realize he just gave the valet a $100 bill, then he shouldn't have been driving. Period. YDI. Just be glad you didn't kill someone else you fucking jackass.

  truckson  |  0

actually "a few beers" usually means 3 or maybe 4 and if those were within an hour then they would be drunk, and even if they were over a few hours they'd still be impaired

so basically the guy's still being stupid