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By STOPattheSIGNbitch - 05/04/2020 08:00

Today, a woman in an SUV rolled a stop sign and hit me, resulting in simultaneously twisting my foot in my bike and being knocked into oncoming traffic. Her excuse before I went to the ER? The sun was in her eyes. FML
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Inform her of these two brand-new(!) inventions: sun visors and sunglasses - else tell her not to drive during daylight then....

rotflqtms_ 21

Someone running a stop sign and hitting you isn't gonna be stopped by you riding in the bike lane... You still have to cross an intersection in a bike lane.


Inform her of these two brand-new(!) inventions: sun visors and sunglasses - else tell her not to drive during daylight then....

That's a reasonable explanation of how someone could not see a stop sign. Why did you assume she was going to stop before pulling out in front of her? People run stop signs and lights all the time. This accident was caused by the combined mistakes of two shitty operators.

rotflqtms_ 21

Do you not understand how stop signs work? In my area, there are All eay stop signs and there are stop signs for one side only. If you don't have a stop sign and you're going straight and someone has a stop sign, runs it and hits you, why is it the person's fault who didn't have a stop sign? They had the right of way and no stop sign. I'm making an assumption of course that OP didn't have a stop sign, or that he stopped and went during his turn if he did and that the SUV didn't stop at all even though she just got there.

I understand how they work in theory, and what goes on in the real world. Ten minutes ago, this asshole was tailgating me when I was going exactly the speed limit and when we got to the intersection, it split into two lanes and I came to a full stop to turn left at the stop sign, and the asshole in the SUV turned right without slowing down. You see a vehicle coming from the side, you have to see it slowing or stopping before proceeding and not assuming a piece of sheet metal on a stick is going to be your shield.

lifeis4me 20

If she can’t see stop signs, she shouldn’t be driving.

Reminds me of all the dash cam videos I see on YouTube. I swear, at least 95% of all accidents are caused by female drivers. I'm a woman and yet I can't stand women drivers. I don't know what it is, but women just can't drive. This woman's excuse is pathetic - I guarantee she was on her phone and not paying attention. That's another huge chunk of how all accidents are caused.

I would push for her license to be revoked. danger to herself and others. if she couldn't see because of the sun. she could have hit her 4 ways and slowed to a stop and pull to the side before hand. this is a bullshit excuse.