By embarrassed - 19/12/2014 19:24 - United States

Today, I went to the dry-cleaner's and went to get my bag of laundry from my trunk, but I ended up dropping the bag. My dirty underwear blew around the parking lot. I had to chase it all down as a bunch of people looked on. FML
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Since when does underwear blow in the wind and why would buy underwear you have to get dry-cleaned anyway?


I would of pretended like I never saw them fall out

That's probably even worse. What if someone had seen it and tells you you dropped them?

Something about airing your dirty laundry in front of strangers.

I was about to say something along these lines. May you live out your days in the seventh circle of Hell for beating me to it.

At least you got them all back! That was a clothes one!

I agree. I hope that OP got everything under control.

At least you don't know them personally, maybe if you're lucky you won't have to see them again in your life

I bet you never felt like such an athlete before in your life. :)

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Hey, everyone has dirty undies at some point. At least you were washing them!

Since when does underwear blow in the wind and why would buy underwear you have to get dry-cleaned anyway?

Because the really nice stuff usually need to be dry cleaner or it will be wrecked. and everybody like to look fancy

I'd never spend that much on underwear.

Underwear blows in the wind if it's on the ground on a windy day, the same as anything else. But I don't know of any undies that need to be dry cleaned so maybe op meant laundry-mat? Either way, the image of op chasing around her panties in the parking lot while people watch is pretty hilarious to me!

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If OP's female, they probably have some lacy, fancy, silky panties that can't be machine-washed.

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Maybe she's dropping some stuff off then taking the rest to a laundromat and the panties just happened to fall out.

Speaking as a woman with lots of lacy and satin underwear - you still don't dry-clean it. You hand wash it and use a drying rack. I have never seen or heard of underwear that needs to be dry-cleaned. What is most likely the case is that OP is too lazy to spend their time doing laundry... or if they make enough money it can make more economic sense for them to pay someone to do it instead.