By boogery - 26/01/2015 19:17 - United States

Today, after putting a bag of dirty laundry in the laundry room to wait for an open washer, I came back to find a "free stuff" sign on all of my expensive jeans, new towels, and favorite sweatshirts. The bag was over half empty. FML
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Don't leave your stuff in the laundry room, that's like rule number one. It's a hard lesson, but I bet you won't make that mistake again.

Be positive. It was also half full.


Don't leave your stuff in the laundry room, that's like rule number one. It's a hard lesson, but I bet you won't make that mistake again.

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Roskosity 22

Who spells tv like that..?

#22 You're an asshole

22 pretty smart, but what an asshole move

22 just be trollin. No need to feed him.

Don't take what doesn't belong to you, without speaking directly to the current owner. That *should* be rule #1. I never have understood why people will do things like this (putting the 'Free Stuff' sign on the bag of clothes) and call it a prank. That's not a prank, that's conspiracy to commit theft.

I don't see any sort of conspiracy here. There is no collusion, no tete-a-tete, no agreement between the two parties. Just one person putting up a sign, and another taking it at face value. Just sayin'

Be positive. It was also half full.

"Almost" half full.

kirbs19 37


yeah but it was also half empty and op had no intention of losing anything at is saying "its half full" really a positive? like saying "hey at least they only stole half your stuff instead of stealing nothing at all"?

No, if it is full at first but someone takes a half its half empty. If someone fills it to the half its half full

thecman25 14

at least it wasn't all gone

badmandilon 19

At least they took the towels you cat gave birth on. :D

You replied to the wrong FML dude...

No, #38 was just being meta.

badmandilon 19

#87 I think you the only one who got it. #66 and all those who disliked my previous comment didn't.

That really sucks. But on the bright side people seem to dig your taste in clothing, even if they were a bit smelly.

Not necessarily. These days people will take anything that is free, even if they don't like it or need it...

Whoever did that is an asshole, but you shouldn't trust in leaving your things around so much no matter how safe a place may seem. Karma will bite that little shit in the ass.

Hopefully no one grabbed any underwear. That'd just be weird.

To be fair, yeah **** your life but on the other hand, you do kinda deserve it... So it's a case of "6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other" I don't mean to offend, that's just my opinion, plus you've learnt a valuable life lesson. Don't leave your expensive stuff unattended.

I think OP should stop buying expensive jeans and invest in a washer and dryer

Sorry, not everyone lives in a fancy house. Some people live in dorms/apartments where they don't have laundry machines.

#12 Relax, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously it was a little joke

It wasn't a particularly good joke. I'm looking at it with your second comment in mind and it still isn't even recognizable as a joke.

I thought it was funny

I think he might have meant it as if your out buying expensive jeans that can be over 100$ (depends where you shop) you should be able to buy an apartment or house with a washing machine/dryer. Calm down.

A lot of apartment buildings don't accommodate washer/dryer and houses don't compare to a $100+ jeans lol

#40 thank you, that's what I was getting at, but it was supposed to be taken light heartedly.

#42 How dare you try to make a joke on FML? This site is not to be taken lightheartedly, it's for dysfunctional people sharing stories and supporting each other.

#12's response was polite and correct. There was no overreaction. Being that your "joke" looks more like a critique on OP's lifestyle than a joke and that your comment as #15 looked like a bad cover-up (how many times have we all heard "calm the hell down, it was just a joke" as a means of saving face?), it's perfectly reasonable for people to respond in seriousness to your original comment. I mean bro, crack all the jokes you want on here, but for the love of Cthulhu make it a good one. No one's saying this is a serious website, we're just casually informing you that your joke was crap.

I myself am proof that just because someone has expensive clothes, it does not mean that they have a lot of money the can use to buy a washer and dryer or rent a bigger apartment or house. I'm not rich, and i live in a tiny unit because my family can not afford a bigger place, but I have a lot of expensive clothes that I did not pay for (no, I didn't steal them, ugh) I have family friends who are rich and spoiled, and they get an entire new wardrobe for every season. Me and my sister get all the old stuff, half of it never having been worn and still having tags on them!

70- In my best Napoleon Dynamite impression, "Lucky!"

Hopefully you weren't needing them for the next day

Or, you know, ever.

That really blows but it's better to wait and watch your shit, happened to me before too, sucks.