By gotanewmouse - 26/09/2011 10:37 - New Zealand

Today, I saw my co-worker sneeze into his palm, get up, walk to my desk and smear his hand all over my computer mouse. He then went back to his desk and continued with his work. Last week we had a workplace awareness meeting about my OCD and fear of germs. FML
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Llamassss 21

Dip his mouse in the toilet.

Olovio 5

Spray hand sanitizer in his eyes!


Llamassss 21

Dip his mouse in the toilet.

dip his face in the toilet, what a creeper

Pour a bucket of toilet water all over his desk haha.

Shit on his desk. (Like a BOSS.)

^^Thats what I was thinking!!!

Take a dump in the toilet before you dip the mouse in too

Use his mouse as an anal bead.

The whole "OCD meeting" was probably why he did it.

The whole "OCD meeting" was probably why he did it.

Swallow his mouse, throw it back up on him while he's looking for it at his desk.

46- There is no possible way that is true.

Stink-palm him.

CuteDumBlonde64 11


grapes1414 0

How do you figure ?

noobgang7 5

Read her screen name, it explains everything

I think it's highly unlikely that OP will use any of the above suggested techniques since they have OCD. Doubt they even use the office restrooms.

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

eat his babies.

Yes dude yes

46, you don't say? Well, who would have thunk, yeah? Crazy stuff, man. In case you are not sensing my sarcasm, I do encourage you to move along. Nothing to see here.

Unplug your mouse, then his mouse and exchange them in front of him. Calmly like it was the most natural thing. Clean your new found mouse with a disinfecting towel while you tell him he'd better shut up and quit it or next time you shove the mouse down histhroat and the plug out of his ass!

SteelCladAngel 0

Rinse his coffee mug in a toilet

you maked a classic mistake. . . telling others your weakness. Sorry OP but I have to go with YDI, sucks for you but still people are going to be assholes, that's what they do. Now go dunk his stuff in a dirty toilet and take pictures to send to him at the end of a full day using said toilet stuff.

Errienna 0

Thts gross ! Confront em.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Yr rt tht is so grss. Lk ew. How hard is it to add in the proper amount of letters in a word? *inserts shotgun in mouth*

gunmania0 12

How hard is it for you to not be on your period all the time? I don't expect you to answer that question, so I'm just going to assume that it's very hard.

bfsd42 20

58, is that really necessary? Get a life that doesn't involve NEEDLESSLY criticizing people.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

64: Actually, it's pretty ******* hard. I'm menstruating all the time. Go get me some tampax. 65: Maybe if more people on this site would act like they had an education there would be no need for comments such as mine. Seriously, people. Act as though you have a brain! Be proud of your brain. Good god. Being intelligent is a very good thing. Why make yourself look dumb for the sake of taking out letters or spelling something to make it shorter? Also, if the two of you are going to get butt hurt over the Internet I suggest a growth of balls. Move along.

why do people need to act like they have an education, on a fun, laid-back site?

Cause she's fat

67, Fine with me if you want to have perfect grammar. Also fine if you want to correct people who shortcut to such an extent it is a hassle to read their post. But picking on somebody for one letter, especially somebody in Rome I am assuming is a non native English speaker is needlessly pedantic. Maybe YOU should try getting less butthurt on the Internet over tiny mistakes.

@ 70: Because not everyone's first language here is English. Show some respect for us by writing as educated as you can, so we can actually understand your comment.

Mrs bunny, I think I just fell in love with your perfect grammar and your astounding ability to pull off an insult and a coverup story.

MissBunnyWillEat 11

75: I see now that you're just searching for reasons to dislike my comment. Search no further, dear. Your ignorance annoys me beyond life itself. You really think that 2 does not know where certain letters should go, yet she can spell out "confront"? She just doesn't know how to spell "that" or "them", is that what you're saying? You really are ignorant. I'm not just saying this about number 2. I've just had it with the stupidity. Now, I believe this has been made a bigger deal than needed. So, we all just need to have a group hug and part ways.

All this drama over someone who chose to leave out a few letters in a comment. Personally I don't see the need for bashing. Bunny overreacted and bashed. Eats nawt liek hee tayp liek dis jeez geev dat guy br3aks br4h

Yeah well forgive us if we're not going to side with someone called RetardedBullFrog. What a dipshit.

I agree with MissBunny. Just because English isn't a primary language doesn't mean they aren't able to type out a full word. Find me a language that uses "tht" to stand for that, and prove us both wrong.

MyScrewedUpLifeS 0

Team Bunneh.....!

'Find me a language that uses "tht" to stand for that, and prove us both wrong.' (chat language)

All of you guys need to get LAID..

zakkyzebra 11

91- apparently the English language. Something my grandpa always said about religion. "Religion is like a pecker, kid. It is great to have one. It is great to be proud of it. Just please do not whip it out in public and start waving it around, and don't try to shove it down my throat." So. Be proud about your perfect grammar. But, please. Get a life.

bfsd42 20

Miss Bunny, believe me, I have plenty of balls. Thank you very much. And believe me, I'm not butthurt. But since you like to be insulting to others and pass it off as okay, then I'm sure you can take it also. Sure, your grammar is acceptable. I did see in #80 that you wrote "search no further, dear". There should be no apostrophe there. So, where do the ignorant and stupid imperfections end, and your acceptable mistakes begin? I see you have a lot of hatred within you. It's in your comments and your profile too. Maybe you should try to get out into the real world and stop taking your problems out on the moronic fmler's. :)

What an unclassy ass. He need a stealthier approach.

needs*. FMSpelling.


that's such a dick move

Olovio 5

Spray hand sanitizer in his eyes!

OP- "DIE GERMS DIE!!!!" That might just work :)

Make him a sandwich with some homemade mayonnaise ;)

Aha that's sick!

Homemade creamy mayonaise

iAmScrubs 19

He was trying to get revenge achoo because you wasted his time in a workplace awareness meeting. This means war. I think it is time for you to do some trash talking; with spandex gloves on of course.

guckylynn 19

Spandex gloves? Really now?

I see what you did there! Too bad no one else does and thumb you down.

Joshoa123 16

That's the definition of a ************ right there.

TorturedXeno 27

A guy with those kinds of nasty habits probably can't get ANY, so calling him a "************" is too much of a compliment.

Joshoa123 16

You raise a good point.

TheDrifter 23

As much of a dick move as that is, I call it fair play. After all, he has been expected to accommodate the op's mental illnesses in his workplace, it's an inconvenience for an inconvenience.

So by your logic, putting a set of stairs in front of the elevator door so your coworker in a wheelchair is acceptable? It was a dick move either way, even if op had no issues with germs... who does that? It is gross and most people grow out of behaviour like that in kindergarten. It bothers me that people like that think the slightest accommodation is such an inconvenience, yet that are the first to complain about the pittance paid in disability benefits.

If he did that to your mouse, imagine where he puts your pens.

Experience much, doc? or was it from a dumbass patient?

poppylamonzo 0

I'm OCD about human contact/germs too, and during my Spanish class, this kid who sits next to me reaches into his pants, rubs his hand on his balls, then grabs my arm..

Joshoa123 16

Well I hope it's only happened once. Any more then that and it should have been prevented. Yuck.

guckylynn 19

That's not harassment / possibly sexual harassment or anything...

I don't have OCD, but when the girl who always picked the boogers out of her nose put her hands on mine for dancing practice, I died a little.

poppylamonzo 0

Horrifying stuff..

every1luvsboners 11

You should lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock, lock him in a closet and never let him out. Don't forget to lock the door.