By 1dvos_grl3 - 19/12/2014 12:53 - United States - Mandeville

Today, the lady whose son I babysit sent me a text, saying she left a gift for me for all the hard work I've done. I found a beautifully-wrapped box where she said the gift was. It turned out my actual gift was cookies sitting right next to it. FML
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Hey everyone, OP here. Let me shed a little light here. I was greatful she got me something to begin with! So don't say I wasn't, the sugar cookies were very yummy. It was just very misleading is all. And everyone curious what was in the wrapped present I didn't open it, there was a note flap on it and it didn't have my name on it. I texted her confused and she said it was the cookies. So yes I was greatful, and I'm a bit curious what she got 'Sara' too.

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Hey, cookies are tasty!

What was in the box?!


Hey, cookies are tasty!

My mouth is watering, big time!

am I the only one who would have thought both the cookies and the wrapped box were for me?

#63 no I would've too. Great minds think alike!

Hey, cookies are pretty great. You deserve them! Edit: 1 beat me to it. Sorry if you're disappointed OP, but I wouldn't mind at all!

Your name goes perfectly with the comment.

Yeah, I just really love cookies.

Cookies are love. Cookies are life.

Nooooooooooooo I thought we were done with this. Cookies are still pretty great

Cookies are good too, be grateful

tantanpanda 26

I think you guys are interpreting this wrong. OP talks about the beautifully wrapped gift being in the same place as the cookies. Given this, I think OP opened the gift, thinking it was for her and got in trouble for it. Either scenario, it sucks for her

What was in the box?!

How is this not the first question!

was it better cookies not for her!?

A dick.

A cat that may or may not have been alive.

So you've heard the song too.

Are we playing Cards Against Humanity now?

@61 may or may not BE alive. The cat is neither alive or dead unless you opened the box already.

23lf 16

This is when you take the present, change your name to Jose, and move to Mexico

If he's gonna change his name, why not Zoidberg?

Pablo would make more sense

Change it to Juan. Then they can say " you Juan some cookies?"

who cares you get cookies!

giantsfan2010 23

Still awesome! I wonder what was in the box

I also wonder who it was for.

Life lesson for the lady: be specific!

Hey id love to get cookies for Christmas!

don't be ungrateful

OP was not being ungrateful, rather he/she was just slightly disappointed that they didn't get as great of a present, and it's understandable, because, I mean, if I thought I was getting a laptop for Christmas but really got a blanket, I would still be thankful, just slightly disappointed.

edit to my previous comment: sorry, i meant *she* not *he/she*, I didn't read the top part of the FML that specified OP's gender

she opened someone elses present that is the whole thing