By PubelishedAuthor - 15/03/2010 06:00 - United States

Today, I learned that a few pubes on your bed can stop you from getting laid. FML
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Young Demon Insects.

Rickymonkeypants 0

wow that's a fail


Rickymonkeypants 0

wow that's a fail

That's trifling. How disgusting can you be?

Apparently very. How many is a few? Do they just fall off in clumps? YDI

iHyuMeng 0

Is it tied up like a ribbon

do you collect them from all your ex girlfriends? are u planning on cloning them for your own sexual fantasies? cuz that's just weird

Ummm wtf it must've been a pretty ******* large amount for someone to notice.... What the hell were u doing to get that many pubes lying around your bed u freak

if I were getting into it, I wouldn't take a second look at the bed. no time for that, time for sex.

aznpersuasion863 0

im not even tat nasty. duude

epm011 0

As disgusting as you.

that ain't the problem just to let u know. just an excuse to make u feel better

just so you know, a dead hooker too...

lol the **** protector became the **** blocker!

someone is going bald aye?;)

actually thinking bout this reminds me of my year 12 retreat where my mate showed everyone his huge fat hairy ass, he named it chewbacca and swore he could make it do the rookie roar -.-' true story

Rape isn't the answer, OP.

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YDI for shaving your pubes in bed dude.

Felendris 0

*walks away*....

YDI for having pubes. and living in California

ydi clean your bed sometime eww

thats discusting

mcme 0

Cockblocked by pubes? Owned.

Crotcho_fml 0

....well.... yeah!

LOL @ 33 & 34.

no hygene at all

cyberotter 0

they could of fallen off during the previous night.

Fallen off in large enough quantaties for someone to notice it?

Is the OP, by chance, a golden retriever?

Hahaha... so... disgusting,... but... can't... stop... laughing... Next time, trim those puppies. Or brush them or something to get the strays. Or try changing your sheets before you invite a girl over? Nobody likes pubes anywhere except where they belong. And even there sometimes they are questionable.

Why should it matter if they're on his bed, since he has pubes down there anyway? Better out than in?

Were the pubes different colors? That would be the dealbreaker for me. Seriously, change your damn sheets.

yea. Mean you shouldnt find pubes, unless you RIP em off when you jack off..

Also, if they were different colors then they are from different people.

i didn't really get it.

chloeginger 0

how do you not get it?!

her names probably Brooke. girls named Brooke don't get things...

ydi for not knowing that b4 ... ewewwwwwwww gross.

lickmyjock 0

uuuuh. ydi for being a plucker

U need to change those sheet! was it pubes or crabs? FYL

lol fail heyyy wat does ydi mean

hotscar 3

you deserve it

Young Demon Insects.

Pinkfreak43 5

Very nice !

that moment when the real answer gets thumbed down

Either keep the sheets on your bed or start trimming those short 'n' curlies.

shave your shit and it won't be an issue

nomnommonster 0

Unless if it wasn't his, but from a previous excursion.

Yeah he shouldn't have to, but whoever freaked out about that is a ******* idiot.