By bummed - 04/11/2010 03:16 - United States

Today, I found out a 6-month pregnant woman is claiming my boyfriend to be the father. Even though this would have been previous to our relationship, he already has two kids from getting girls pregnant in high school. I guess he didn't learn his lesson the first two times. FML
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YDI for dating a guy with two kids from different girls and expecting him to magically change with you Consider yourself lucky it wasn't you who got pregnant

He should totally go to Maury or Jerry Springer


He should totally go to Maury or Jerry Springer

You think? Maybe he's been there already. Since he has kids scattered everywhere, he needs all the money he can get in order to pay child support.

don't you know coat hangers have many useful and money saving uses?

man... this guy is really letting the seeds fly.

man... this guy is really letting the seeds fly.

#9 I've seen people go on Maury like 4 times due to them not thinking it is there children

1 is probably right. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Someone had to do it. :)

wow you are indeed dating a three time loser , who probably doesn't even pay child support. and if he does, he probably can scarcely afford Ramon noodles, but he's probably working a minimum wage shit job with little opportunity for advancement, in which case you'd be an idiot to be wasting any more of your life with this loser who already created a family with three other women, which you will have to hear about and possibly see for the rest of your life unless he's an even bigger time loser!  either way, you'd be a fool too

66. how did you come up with all of that?

66 - I'm no grammar/spelling nazi, but "Ramon" noodles? Maybe it's time to get rid of autocorrect.

she meant ramen it's said the same way tho gosh.

No, I'm pretty sure there's a distinction in "Mon" and "Men".

but you only hear the difference if you say it weirdly

I meant: so you're saying that saying something properly is weird?

Omg guys are you SERIOUSLY getting on this chic for spelling Ramen noodles wrong??? get the fuck over it! op- RUN! Run before you're the next baby mamma wishing your deadbeat ex would show up for his biweekly visit with his child or at least pay child support.

this is probably right out of Maury or Jerry.

Well you pronounce it "ramyun" in Korean, but you two keep arguing. I find it entertaining.

third times the charm?.....aha who am I kidding.

Yeah, he didn't learn the lesson. I hope Op has.

True Rascal :)

wow he doesnt learn does he???? well at least u no if u want kids he can give them to you. no but that sux

he doesn't learn? he's getting what he wants. OP is the one that is apparently a grade A moron.

omgggg that sucks! leave him, no baby mama drama!

YDI for dating a guy with two kids from different girls and expecting him to magically change with you Consider yourself lucky it wasn't you who got pregnant

agreed x32333

I would leave him because if he still don't know what contraception is after making two girls pregnant, he must be incredibly dumb or he doesn't care at all about his offspring. He is not a serious partner. OP, run. (but still, those two (or three, if the claiming is true) women are also incredibly dumb. Having sex without being protected, great job.)

Agreed x1million

I have no kids at age 24 and don't consider myself "lucky" for not getting pregnant. It's called birth control, and they should have been using it.

I agree. And he's the one who hasn't learned his lesson?

birth control and condoms fail. I have two friends who are proof of that. shouldn't we try not to judge someone because of their past? yes, he made a few mistakes and has two kids with two women. if op is okay with that then whatever. thats between them and just because the woman is claiming that he's the father, doesnt mean he is. she couldve slept with other guys during that time and she just picked him because he already has two. I need more information before I want to judge either side. get a test done and if he is the father then OP should rethink this thing (if he isnt a good father, if he is a good dad then why not? but OP should probably do the whole wait til marriage thing).

uhm leave him now ! sorry girl, but unless you want to be the 4th baby momma, RUN! and you haven't even been together for 6 months. No big deal. Get out while you can. That man is a scum bag.

Ironic that you use the term "scum bag" It was originally a slang for condom. Something OP boyfriend apparently doesn't know how to use!

birth control and condoms fail. I wouldnt say he doesnt know how to use it. he might just have shitty luck.

this guy should be pounded by a guerilla! WWJD?

A guerilla eh? Any specific regime the guerilla should be from?

Gorilla Geurillas.

Geurillas? Elaborate please.

Elaboration: Geurillas is a typo of Guerillas. Not to be confused with a secret Gorilla organisation.

wait for it ... wait for it ... pounce!! owned

wow if you plan on staying with him you better be ready for a crap load of drama...and thats never fun.

hopefully he's your ex-boyfriend now..