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By Anonymous - 11/08/2009 15:33 - United States

Today, the dry cleaner next to my house went up in flames. I went outside to look at the fire, as I looked on in amazement I realized I had dropped off all of my work clothes at the cleaners two days before. I was supposed to pick them up today, but was too lazy to walk the 10 feet to the store. FML
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You're just lucky your house didn't catch on fire.

YDI, but maybe you're lucky you didn't go. Supposing you had been inside when it burst into flames.


If it was 10 ft. away, wouldn't your house catch on fire? Obvious YDI is obvious, by the way.

K i'm new to this whole fml stuff. what does YDI mean?

Why the **** do so many people vote YDI on this? How could he have known this? And also, it's not like you've never been lazy in your life. How does someone who's a bit too lazy to pick up his clothes that day deserve to have them all burned?

#2 it's called a fire department.. Retard.

#41--It's called "Fire spreads quickly"...douche.

@ #22, Well, yes, we've been lazy. and if something sucky happened to us for being lazy, woudn't we say that we deserved it? You're just one of those people who give other people excuses in life because you need to use them also. If you're lazy, YDI.

Well I got one for you.. I posted the story and there's a driveway between my house and the apartment complex / dry cleaner.. So unless you thought my house was dowsed in gasoline it would have been impossible for the fire to spread while firemen were spraying it down. What do have for me now smart ass?

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12, FML - **** my life FYL - **** your life YDI - You deserved/did it

Haha bro, was it worth it? bet not, now your sitting there thinking, if i had moved three minutes ago i could have saved my clothes, i bet you set it on fire just so you could post it on fml. didn't you? DIDNT YOU!!!!!

You're just lucky your house didn't catch on fire.

Lazy much? Sheesh, how big are you? YDI.

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You are really lucky your house wasn't included. I've suffered a housefire, and I promise it's a worse day. Hopefully, though, you'll get some kind of compensation.

YDI, but maybe you're lucky you didn't go. Supposing you had been inside when it burst into flames.

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WHAT IN THE WORLD... are you talking about lol

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hahahahahhahahahaha i like where this is goin..

Hmm... I'm guessing somebody doesn't get out a whole lot.

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#11:YDI is You Deserve It To person who wrote this,at least give thanks that you werent in there fighting for your life you lazy ungrateful dumbass