By Anonymous - 19/12/2014 19:36 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I posted a photo on Facebook showing a side-by-side view of me before and after I'd tried out my new makeup. My dad commented, "What is this, Gollum cosplaying an Orc?" My mum, brother, and over 20 "friends" liked his comment. FML
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You should unfriend all 20 of them

I'll never understand why family thinks it's okay to perform a blow like that.


You should unfriend all 20 of them

jthmtwin 16

If OP is really upset by it she should see where her friends and family's humor is, mine would have said the same thing and I would have laughed

Parties, you must be fun at them.

That sucks op! Maybe he was just kidding?

Jokes hurt too.

It was a joke. Don't take it harshly.

eyebrowzzz 21

now post revenge pics of all of them

I don't think OP gets around quite that much, or at least I hope they don't..

jbombdighetty 11

that sounds sexy.

To each his own then.

Haha... That's actually a pretty witty comment. Don't take it so hard. He's probably just trying to play it down because he wants to be the only man in your life still... Always daddys little girl...

fallen_dragonkin 12

unfriend the lot of them. seriously.

Yeah who wants friends with a sense of humor!

I know i dont! i want friends to be as humorless and dry as i am! Because i cant take a joke neither shall they!

Astrum14 24

Keep the friends, but unfriend the father. It's fine to laugh at something that's funny, but being a dick isn't acceptable.

I'll never understand why family thinks it's okay to perform a blow like that.

I wouldn't worry Op. I'm sure your friends only liked it cause your dad said it.

A07 48

Dad jokes are evolving.

I don't know if this is an improvement from "Hi, hungry! I'm dad." Can't beat a classic, but seeing as on Facebook, 20+ people can openly appreciate that dad humor makes a pretty strong argument.