By anonymous - United States
Today, due to the dry weather, my nose became dry and began to bleed so I plugged it with toilet paper and went about my business. Forgetting about it, I later went out to smoke a cigarette. Not paying attention, I lit the toilet paper on fire as well. FML
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It's actually psychologically wired into some animals that after a certain duration of a stimulus, your body begins to ignore it. This is the same thing as a dog getting used to its collar.

  Enslaved  |  36

But a tampon is not the same thing. If it's properly inserted, you shouldn't be able to feel it inside you except when it's being applied or removed.
It's a good thing the OP didn't use a tampon for the nose bleed. Could have been like lighting a bomb fuse.

  Chibitalia180  |  6

Whenever I get a bloody nose, I put toilet paper or a tissue in my nose (in my household, we don't keep tissue boxes around the house much, since we can just use toilet paper and save money). It's so much easier than the method that most people use, which is leaning forward and holding their nose shut, usually with a tissue. After a while, you forget it's there and I usually don't even see it much unless I look down, I only can see like a millimeter or a centimeter of it. It's kind of like how people with glasses sometimes forget they have their glasses on because they barely can see it due to how close the frame is to their eyes. I've walked into the shower many times with my glasses on before.

By  girlbye23  |  15

I gotta say YDI OP. Only because smoking is always some kind of fire hazard, you should have checked yourself first of just remembered the paper in your nose.

  Maddiiee3011  |  13

"Smoking is some kind of fire hazard"
Are you high? Just about everything we do in life is a hazard.
Do you straighten your hair? Better not do that anymore, it's a burn hazard
Plug your phone into charge? I don't think you should do that anymore, you might electrocute yourself
Smoking is a choice as much as drinking is but no one hates the alcoholics. Stop hating on smokers

  protoasha  |  11

I'm pretty sure the main point he was going at was you use a lighter to smoke. So it's obviously a fire hazard, so you should be aware of flammable things. You don't use a fire to drink or plug anything in. As for straightening your hair, you have to be cautious with that.

  girlbye23  |  15

Are you high? I said its SOME KIND of fire hazard when he has HIGHLY FLAMMABLE paper in his nose asshole. You do know that cigarettes go in you mouth, which is very close to you nose right?

  glabberfasted  |  16

88 - I wouldn't be so sure. I've seen kids get taken away from their parents for cigarette smoking. A friend of mine had hers taken away because she would go outside to smoke and leave her kids with someone else watching them in the home. And that's all it took for them to take them away from her.


@134, lololol it's 2014 and people care about what other people do with their lives /when it affects others/, like smoking does. Ruin your lungs on your own time in your own home, don't make anyone else breathe in that nasty crap. Second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially so if you're an asthmatic or have any other condition similar.

  Maddiiee3011  |  13

Calm your titties. Fair enough people hate cigarettes, but hating the people smoking them is a bit uncalled for. Unless you know them personally, you can't judge them because they simply have a "disgusting habit"
Obviously, I'm a smoker, as are most of my family and friends, yes it's wrong to smoke in a public place such as a bus stop or the entrance to a shopping centre which is why myself and most other smokers avoid those types of places to have a smoke. Iv met 15+ new people this weekend alone and I can honestly say that out of those people, the smokers were the nicer bunch

  morghandi  |  21

I've not noticed that most smokers avoid entrances to places... I usually have to walk through a gauntlet of smoke every time I go into a restaurant or store since they're not allowed to smoke inside in CO anymore...

  sdroze1389  |  31

#42. smoking serves an important function, population control. I smoke and I also know it's not good for me. all thanks to the efforts of sanctimonious dicks like you. just remember to piss on my grave when you outlive me by thirty years.

  junkman6  |  22

#11, Someone had to do it. "Smoking is bad so you deserve everything you get." Grow up, I don't even smoke and I'm sick of hearing this shit.

Guess what the human mortality rate is? 100 fucking percent. You know what that means?? You are gonna die no matter how healthy you are. Who cares if you choose to enjoy some lung tar on your way out? Who cares if instead on 100 you only live to 90? Oh I know who cares!!!

Meddlesome little pricks who have to try to shit in everyone else's wheaties to feel important.

  Tezoma  |  28

I don't really like smoking. I've never tried it and don't plan to because I don't like the smell. But, if people aren't dicks about my NOT smoking, why should I bother those who do? Not many people deserve to have their nose set ablaze, especially just for being a little fotgetful.

  bobbyguy  |  17

How do I know I'll outlive you? There is so many things that can kill you. Your comment was a little hurtful considering I said one thing and you go head and call me d*ck but ehh it's just a comment from a random person on the internet.


I hate smokers who smoke around me (like my mother, even when she comes over she nags at me until I go outside with her while she smokes which makes my no smoking in the apartment kind of invalid). What you do with your life is up to you. smoke? good for you, just stay away from me while you have one lit. drink? good for you? just don't pressure it onto me (I hate the taste). drugs? same as alcohol; good for you, I want no part. buy a gun and kill everyone? sure, Ill join you there!