By incendiaaa - 24/02/2013 11:17 - Australia

Today, my parents told me that I'm no longer allowed to come home from boarding school on weekends because it will confuse my cats and disrupt their lives. FML
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mangoboy1 19
mangoboy1 19

Sorry in my attempt to be first comment I completely forgot about grammar.

Hey props for being diplomatic about it.

iammeorami 25

grammar Nazi strikes yet again!

tjv3 10

So your parents sent you away to boarding school and then got new cats and now don't want you to come home because it will confuse the cats? I just wanted to write it all out to make sure I got it right. Basically they replaced you with fur balls and are abandoning their responsibility of raising you and letting a school raise you. Yeah I don't see how this will not have a lasting psychological effect on you. Sorry op

tjv3 10

Oops I read it wrong dang it. Scratch my earlier post

I have a feeling the parents meant the Other pussy. ;-)

lol no, she's in freakin' boarding school, so that means she's a brat and doesn't deserve respect (as clearly she doesn't show it).

that's not the only reason for boarding schools...they're actually effective education institutes

dmoran20 27

Really #75 you know this how? Regardless, I guess they'd rather be called a brat than some know it all little troll bitch But hey, we are who we are huh?

I know this because that's why anyone goes to boarding school - for being little assholes. Everyone I've ever known has that in mind when threatening to send their kid to boarding school. As for education, you send them to a private school, so there's no other explanation for going to boarding school.

Damian95 16

Oh come on meow that's just purrfect.

they need to quit lion about how they feel.

umm...have fun with the ******* at the school instead?

Sorry for being a sourpuss, but these puns have got to stop.

1215116a 14

FMLKitten is getting offended guys, we're discriminating him and his culture.

I was actually expecting FMLKitten to cough up another pun...

Well don't be a pussy, tell them your opinion. At the very worst this hairy situation would stay the same.

The first sentence has a double meaning.

vadaaa 11

Sherlock solves yet another mystery

IlTiramisuEBuono 6

Actually, the pussy is one of the strongest things on the planet. After having kids, it still works fine. All men have to do is sit wrong and the penis breaks. Do not underestimate the Pussy!

still_guns 16

Hang on YOUR cats? They're stealing your kittys, ignore them.

1215116a 14

Kittys? Not to get on to you about spelling, but really, kittys? *kittens

Actually 71, in this case, if she said kittys, I'm pretty sure its kitties. But I guess kittens could work too.

I hope that's not what OP's dad calls OP's mom's- well, must I go further?

Inediblepeaches 15

Well then maybe it's just not worth visiting assholes like them.

xblair 11

Cats are really starting to take over

wlddog 14

This is yet another reason people like dogs more then cats. Dogs are just happy to see you. They don't have their lives disturbed when you come home on weekends.

I thinks it's a lame excuse to finally be able to have sex on the piano, kitchen counter, sofa, without having to think about anyone's schedule but their own. Or they just don't like having you around :(

lmaouloser 5

Well... You are disrupting a pussy's schedule. I just don't think it's your cat!

Ha! Haha! Ahhhh... Not really though, that jokes been made a thousand times already.

lmaouloser 5

I'm comment 15, probably not 1000 times.