By Matt - 27/06/2010 18:54 - United States

Today, I went to the dentist. I got a new dentist who started out a conversation about school. She asked where I went to school and if I liked my principal. After I told her I thought he was full of himself, she said she was married to him. FML
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Pfft.. she shouldn't of asked then. Serves her right! *High Five*

did she "accidentally" slip while drilling your mouth?


haha be nice next time

now it's time for dentist number three! (loud anouncer voice)

thats when you awkwardly leave the room

I would fear for my dental health if I were you.

that's a really gay tatoo

20- not really. I know someone who has basically the same thing except it's on his back and says "No Fear".

I'm assuming they had the same last name, so YDI.

maybe she agreed with you...on the inside :) ♥

what, that's the wrong tooth? oh well. fyl

a pupil in my school got suspended for saying on facebook: "everytime [the headteacher] coughs, he is covering up a fart"

haha fyl. the same thing almost happened to me once, just not at the dentist.

YDI for not eating apples

34, ahahahhaha wtfff

I hate when dentists try to talk to you while they're working on your mouth cuz you can't say anything. That sounded dirty... FYL though, she shouldn't have asked :)

hmm idk maybe shes asking you about the principal for a reason??

15's tat goes hard af

wow she's a jerk for setting you up like that

agreeed with 82, shee could have told op that the principal was her husband before op said that about himm

20, why do you have to be a bitch? And OP, I've done something like that before :]

20 don't use gay as an insult.

102 u look sooo fuckable ;)

Total setup to make you feel uncomfortable. Time for a new dentist!

111, that's um.. Well.. Thanks?

hahaah, she's gonna drill holes in your gums now :D

I really want to know what town now in ct

lol this is funny shit

YDI for being honest

wooow be nice next time. it's a small world you know =]

Pfft.. she shouldn't of asked then. Serves her right! *High Five*

haha. Something should have clicked when she asked about your principal. that's a pretty random question. not sure how this is much of an FML since it's not a huge deal.

did she "accidentally" slip while drilling your mouth?

are u missing teeth ?

oh. my. gooooossshhh you looook likeee lil wayneee! wheezy f. babyyy;)

^^^ hey be nice.

Hah, he does kinda look like Weezy. :P

pfft I'm too sexy for Wayne ...and I don't do illegal activities :P

sorta but weezy's eyes are like 10 times bigger. isn't he in jail?

Yeh, he's in jail till November.

I have an opinion. Raleigh-You look like Colin Powell Zach-You look like Ryan Reynolds :) Dude I don't know- You in fact look like Weezy

I also have an opinion: Anna, you look like Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin is a BOSS! Thank you :P

wow I don't see it , and wth would wanna look like Wayne?

Lol, I don't know who'd want to look like Wayne - but you do kinda look like him a bit. You just need dreads and 29837438 tattoos. :P

I would love to look like Wayne.

ya I would need to be all tatted up

ha, half of wayne's tats don't mean shit, and they look like they were done by a 6th grader. and on top of that, wayne is an ugly-ass mofo. so i don't see why anyone would wanna look like dude... |the kid|

Yah, he does have way too many tats; but they were done by a really good artist. He just got way too many of them on top of each other so now they all look trashy and cheap.

I DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT QUEER WAYNE , end of discussion :P

You're like a buff Denzel :)

OMG ty ;P ppl do say a look a lil like denzel

yeah I deff see some Denzel in there :P

so what, you can't help that she asked

That sucks BIG time!

so much for a good 1st impression

so much for a good haircut :). haha funnyi know

They were referring to the commenter's pic.