By Sammy - 27/04/2011 17:07 - United States

Today, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My husband, the father of the baby, got a birdie on the golf course at the exact same time. FML
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Tiger Woods is the father?

squishy01 0

What an ungrateful bastard.


why are you on fml if you just gave birth? cool life.

Idonebeenhad 17

Birdie>Beautiful baby girl. Herp.

Pizzamaster 0

maybe she has an iphone

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

not all FMLs are written on the exact moment it happens

sucks at being a husband/dad and can't do much better at golf, ahah what a catch...

he really got that one in the hole i guess

I think you should name your baby Birdie :D No but serioisly it would be somewhat cute if its a girl

I think you should name your baby Birdie :D No but serioisly it would be somewhat cute if its a girl

comepoopwithme 0

50- did you skip over the entire first sentence of the FML?

The FML is that her husband wasn't there being supportive of her.

All FMLs begin with "Today" no matter what, so no, it doesn't mean it happened today. It's just written that way.

littlemissFYL 5

while you were screaming in pain your husband was screaming "HOLE IN ONE" :D

actually no 74...

BugsBunny1 4

No the FML is (and someone stated this before) that the husband couldn't even get an eagle.

You look like Brandon Urie.

that was directed at 33

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

*cough cough* BRENDON Urie. his name is too awesome to be misspelled :)

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

oh and no he doesn't? xD

littlemissFYL 5

yes, 131 I clearly have no ******* clue about golf, you and others have clearly pointe and stated that. thank you for that long paragraph, you have taught me something today. I hope you feel special and thank you again for taking five minutes out of your day to clear everything up. you are so very, very kind.

denbeste 3

#142 be mad! you got served. probably by a golfer. LOL!

lemoncows 2

138 stop being a turd. Better to crack a lame joke than have no sense of humor at all.

C6Racer 0

Agreed, 153. Besides, nobody gives a flying ****. It's just golf.

Monstee 2

Both you and the ball are I'm the hole..

Birdie would be an awful name for a kid. js. You may now return to your insightful golf debate.

oblio 0

163, I agree, Birdie is short for Roberta, not a pretty name.

To #138 Do you feel accomplished explaining the simple rules of golf? Maybe that's all you can comprehend .........

Why is everyone getting all mad at 138 for explaining some rules? Generally only those of us who golf really know the rules, because let's be honest, if you don't actually enjoy Playing golf then it's boring as hell to you. So the people who don't golf probably didn't know so now they do.

BooGhosted 0

Heh we got a phsyco on our hands here!

BooGhosted 0

at 138!

Do you always announce that at your arrivals?

138 - you raged much too hard over golf.

littlemissFYL 5

160, just stop while you're ahead. do you want me to crack another joke about something I have no clue about so you can go and give me a definition for that too? :)

littlemissFYL 5

"don't be a silly, protect your willy!" here's one. please, do your thing.

20- your username and profile pic made my day. :D thank you.

squishy01 0

What an ungrateful bastard.

He did his part 9 months ago.

No no, the baby HAS a dad, he just wasn't there, get it?;)

ImaWiseGuy 5

I can see why she's mad, only a hole in one is exceptable for missing your Childs birth....

maybe she went into labor when he was already on the course? if he knew he's a jack butt though

awardZu 0

Jack butt? Really?

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha that's what I was thinking^

Hahahahaha jack butt xD

a birdie thats impressive.. mehh giving birth is cool to i guess :P

Bro's before hoes!! haha jk

wazupwolf 5

what does he have to be grateful for? 18 years of hell? no I think not..

shumian 4

name the baby "Birdie"

Drummerboy1234 0

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! men contribute and give it our all for one glorious night!

BigD805 0


BigD805 0


Everyone is missing the point here. The whole reason this is an FML is because the husband, apparently named Jack Butt, doing his daily trip on the MINI golf course. Yet it's still the first time he has got a birdie.

snickers001 0

not really! he should have been there with her :(

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snickers ur retarded. HE'S JOKING

Tiger Woods is the father?

Ha. nice^^

4- that's great lol

ImThePope 2

Maybe it wasn't due for two or so days? Maybe he just had bad timing. Maybe he left in the morning and her father took her. Or maybe, he is another tiger woods, but don't be so quick to judge.

aha you beat me to it

what a bitch! she wasn't there to see his birdie!

agreed! Good thing she didn't miss a hole in one or something.... that would be terrible.

87 -- you're the type that takes jokes seriously and takes serious things for a joke, huh? i'm just happy that the husband is the father. otherwise, i'd be looking at the precursor to another episode of maury. |the kid|

i was just about to say that... good one!

Marianette 0

he's everyone's father.

Well it must have been pre-cheating Tiger Woods then because he could never get a birdie now with the way he has been playing.

skidoo800HO 2

#3 is right! The OP just forgot to mention the part about her her husband crashing his escalade into a tree ;)

Ha it could indeed be Tiger. With him it doesn't matter what kind of hole it is, He always manages to get a white.. something or the other... inside.

if he was, he is definitely cheating on you

dragon0000 7

LMFAO nice

Send him my congratulations.

what a bastard. out playing freaking golf when his wife is in labor. warning for the future, op.

nunsrtight69 0

props for the nice shot though

maybe he couldn't get to her on time, it's not like all women go into labor on set schedule

lucas755 1

It doesn't say he ignored her in labor. maybe his phone died, or nobody bothered to call him because they thought he was coming. OP is just being mad and saying only their side. don't be so quick to judge.

sweetpea9008 2

what does op stand for

nunsrtight69 0

original poster

sweetpea9008 2


Typically when you're on the golf course you don't talk on the phone much. Also, who's life is bad here, you gave birth to a child, he got a birdie everybody is happy.

JayBear14 11

Your husbands priorities suck. Atleast you get to choose the name you want for your baby girl. :)

mdog098 0

just letting you know your sexy as a chocolate strawberry

JayBear14 11

Thank you, i will now never look at chocolate strawberries the same..

heartless_fml 6

how is this an FML?

Pizzamaster 0

pst. men

No, no, no and again, no. His sekse is not an excuse. There are plenty of men who are decent enough to let their wife crush their hand whilst giving birth. There are also plenty of men who will pass out, but that's another story. I think it shows an incredibly lack of interest to miss the birth. Chances are small, but what if something bad happened to his wife/the baby whilst he was playing golf? OP, pity him. He missed a great moment in your and his life.

Pizzamaster 0

I know. I'm a guy

#25, you b*tch a lot. shut up.

How ironic, you're celebrating something coming out of your hole, and he's celebrating getting something in his hole!

Pizzamaster 0

lol roflmao

Idonebeenhad 17

^^epic win^^

no65438 0

haha(: win

lucas755 1

I think he celebrated getting something into a hole about nine months ago.

that makes him sound gay!

At least your husband wasn't having a raid on WoW at the time.. Look at the bright side, OP.

22. your eyes are ******* awesome.

cldean24 4

Your eyes are really pretty. *jealous*

yeah they are

haileemarie7 6

you guys mean her CONTACTS, right?

Oh god wow xD

bhaha this happens more often then people think..