By dentistvictim - Norway
Today, I went to the school dentist for the yearly routine check. She took ages trying to clean out my teeth with the metal toothpick-thing, constantly hitting my gums. After half an hour of pain and spitting blood, she looks up and says, laughing: "Oh, I forgot to put my glasses on". FML
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By  luciejay  |  0

geez, if you have calculus on your teeth that's a really serious problem. but if it gets to the point that you have trigonometry on your teeth, you may need dentures.

  lahp  |  0

actually British having bad teeth is just a stereotype we actually have better dental care then most countries... and its dead cheap ;) thank you National Health Service. we also have great hygiene unlike you lot :) ... so go die please thank you

  cyberhoy  |  3

ever thought that British having bad teeth was not due to Dental Care but due to genetically bad teeth? You can't disprove that sterotype by claiming to have better dantal care. oh well and i also though the OP was british at first when i read the line "She took ages" a very british thing to say something i would expecct that fat english comedian to say I forget his name I'm Canadian btw. and what they hell is this about assholes having bad hygene? makes no sence. If you are bleeding you're not doing a good job of brushing your gums

  Overlord247  |  20

87, the reason for the British bad dental hygiene stereotype is because the British aren't as obsessed with keeping their teeth unnaturally white as the Americans are. And it also says in the FML that the reason OP's gums were bleeding was because the dentist kept stabbing them with her instruments.


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  medfly  |  2

the OP is from Norway, he doesn't have to "afford" it. besides, we have perfectly private oral medicine here and something like getting your teeth cleaned is within in the reach of anyone that cares strongly enough for it. people who don't would rather save the money, though.

  luciejay  |  0

geez, if you have calculus on your teeth that's a really serious problem. but if it gets to the point that you have trigonometry on your teeth, you may need dentures.

By  Witchcraft_fml  |  4

If she pokes your gum again, violently jerk your head up and smack her in the nose, and claim the sharp pain surprised you.

But no, really, give her a dirty look.
Passive-aggressive glare vibes - looks that can kill.

  Stetrain  |  0

Lots of assumptions in these comments about the school dentist and "zomg socialism." I most definitely live in the USA and my university has free on-campus dental and medical services.

Maybe everyone is assuming that the person was in middle or high school because they themselves are?

  Stetrain  |  0

I realize that this person is from "EUROPE", my reference was to everyone replying with some form of "You must not be from America because I'm from America and I don't have a school dentist."

That's a very narrow-minded way to look at things and it seems pretty common among some of the posters here.


I was born in Norway and lived there some. I've been living in America for the past 15 years going back frequently. Most Norwegian english is excellent. Small mistakes happen but they are rare.

  abcdefg52  |  0

You say used and not took in danish, and I think in Norwegian too, so I guess that's where it slipped.

Hun brugte år på det..

Hun tog år om det.. Mja..

By  _whatever_77  |  0

Ages means she took forever. (Who wouldn't possibly understand this?)

A Dentist in Schools? YDI for having a "school dentist" in your country... and actually going to her.


And brush your damn teeth 2 times everyday and wouldn't need to deal with that shit.
Does that bullshit Universal Healthcare make people even more lazy and dumb than they already are?
Ignorant bastards... the Americana who want it are lazy ignorant shit-for-brains.

  Grotesque  |  0

Seriously? I brush my teeth regularly and I still bleed. It's because they're poking SHARP METAL OBJECTS into your SOFT SQUISHY GUMS.

You do the math.