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Today, I was in the hospital with rib injuries after being rear-ended by a truck. The doc said, "Well, you'll probably feel like you've been hit by a truck for a while." Everyone laughed, except me. When I said he was being insensitive, he replied, "Calm down, I'm just ribbing you." FML
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Is it wrong I am quite amused?

I don't know; it's important to keep a positive attitude in life.

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No, but is it wrong that I'm quite aroused?

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Aroused? lmao.. & I guess it's funny but it's something you'd laugh about later not while your still hurting from it.

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Dude chill out he was just having a lil fun. I had a nasty accident and cut open my leg just barly missing the main tendon and artery . The dr had a dry sense of humor but it put me at ease. They deal with a lot of gruesome and heart break things every day. They have to make life and death choices everyday . They have to have coping mechanisms . So chill out. Sorry you didn't like him and sorry you had an accident

The doc only did this cause he knew OP was gonna be fine. He wouldn't be "ribbing" around if it was real serious. Youknowwhaimsayin?

It's all fun and games until the doctor cracks a rib.... I mean a joke

I like my doctors to be chatty and have a good sense of humour rather than being all business all the time. It puts me a ease and and makes me feel like they're not trying to hurry me out. I'm sorry you were in pain and probably didn't feel like laughing but it could have been a lot worse than the doctor trying to cheer you up.

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U hate doctors that are funny

He's just trying to make u feel better with a couple of jokes:) don't take them to heart

1- would you rather have docbastard then?

Tell him your giving him the rib-eye special and when he looks at you like your retarded slam his face into your hopefully uninjured opposite flank. Then promptly request pain meds.

that doctor is awesome lol can't believe u called him "insensitive"

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130 - I would. DocBastard is awesome.

How does one slam someone's face into his hopefully?

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I would like a doc like that, but I feel for OP. It's poor bedside manner to continue joking after someone has said they don't like it.

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At least it wasn't "you're going to die... Just kidding!" that's when you've gone too far. But I would of probably laughed anyway ha

Yep. What an ass. I cant stand doctors like that.

If you didn't take it so seriously you would realize that he was just trying to help you feel better by getting you to laugh.

Wouldn't laughter cause OP more pain?

That doctor has a good sense of humor! Im sure OP is in pain and being rear ended sucks and everything, but OP, it's not a life threatening injury, you will be fine. Be glad the doctor is funny and is helping you out!

This doctor reminds me of House, except without the laughter part. House never laughs in front of a patient, no matter how much he mocks them.

Way to steal my comment, also known as #3

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Was the docs last name Bastard by any chance?

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That doctor is a legend! He's probably been saving those lines for the perfect moment...congratulations OP!

Your doctor wouldn't happen to be DocBastard, would he?

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I once entered ten puns in a contest hoping I would win, but unfortunately, no pun in ten did:(

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I'm betting my money that DocBastard knows when to make jokes to lighten a mood and when not too.

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At last! We have found out where Doc has been hiding all this time!

Well that wasn't beary funny (old FML reference)

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Now we know what DocBastard does when he's not on FML... O.o

86:- having to explain a pun or joke automatically makes said pun/joke not funny...just saying.

Actually, DocBastard has a blog, so I've been checking that every once in a while. They're actually pretty good stories about stupid patients, stupid doctors and occasionally nice patients. Just type DocBastard into google. :)

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I don't want to be insensitive but that's probably someone else. DocBastard is probably a common username...

Um, look at his FML profile. If I remember correctly, he says something along the lines of "I have a blog." Plus, DocBastards humour is memorable. :)

that happened to me once, a doctor kept making horrible puns about my broken leg

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"You must be great in theatre!"

Ahh doctors need to make best of a bad situation. So they have some humour. Big deal. Better then a doctor that's a downer.

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You people don't understand good jokes - all you do is complain. At least the physician was trying to get you to cheer up. I cannot stand medical doctors that have no emotion whatsoever.

OP's doctor must be pretty optimistic because he's surrounded by despair all day and he's still making jokes! Lighten up OP....just back up and laugh at the situation at hand :P

I agree with 6. I prefer doctors with a good, light-hearted bedside manner versus robots.

Would you rather he be down and miserable to you because he had to treat a whiny patient who could not take a joke? Ydi.

^Couldn't you make your own comment instead of threadjacking?

Why can't I have both? I dream of having a super pessimistic doctor who is constantly making jokes but you can't tell if he's joking or not because of his tone.

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don't be such a sensitive sally, he was being funny. gotta imagine they deal with a lot of sad stuff all day so when they do make a joke, you shouldn't get all sad

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At least he has a sense of humour.. You sound like a grouch to me.

Yeah, getting hit by a truck will do that. He will probably look back and laugh at those puns. Right now he's in pain don't forget.

I was going for pompous asshole but sure, grouch works. You lost my sympathy at "When I said he was being insensitive".

I think that was pretty clever lol. doctors like that r awesome. smart and have a sense of humor.