By bdogge99 - 02/04/2012 05:59 - United States - Seattle

Today, I was at the dentist. During my check-up, he recommended a dermatologist. FML
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PuffDaddy395 3

Your dentist should have been on the receiving end of a swift kick to the balls. "Oh sorry Doc, you must have hit a nerve."


PuffDaddy395 3
Torva_fml 16
Torva_fml 16

Yea, bad comment.... Oh well, it's early. (for me anyways) I shall redeem myself somewhere below!!! :)

As a dentist, can I just say that we ARE trained in some aspects of dermatology etc and therefore have every right to recommend a patient to see another medical professional

You might have every right, but it still might make the patient feel like shit

wlddog 14

Yeah... That's what's important in life. There is not NEARLY enough politically correctness in life. We need our professionals that are hired to keep us healthy to keep their comments to themselves. Especially when the comment may be bad.

you don't know what tone it was said in- might have been done as nicely as they could manage, but some people are always going to take things badly

Did the Pizza Delivery man make any comparisons between the pizza and your face?

Torva_fml 16

When the **** did the pizza man come into play?

He could be talking about the grease found on both?

so_unlucky89765 4

Ah, the fun times at the dentist.

Torva_fml 16

Oh, sarcasm I see? I enjoy going to the dentist, because I take pride in my oral hygiene. Also, my dentist is my aunt, so it's good to catch up... (or listen to her talk while she digs in my mouth) but yea... Your comment wasn't entertaining..

wildsweetchild 19

28 Your comment is not so entertaining either. We are here not to discuss your hygiene or family relationships.

Wow, he really has no right to say that.

Torva_fml 16

He has every right to say whatever the **** he wants. Don't tell people what the can, and cannot do. OP obviously had something wrong, so being a good person, he said that she should probably go see a specialist. You're stupid.... Just throwing that in there too, I noticed I didn't add that at the top.

dentist doesnt just look at teeth but they look at the whole oral cavity where its prone to have cancer or diabetes in pregrenant women. so the dentist has the right to tell.

Torva_fml 16

Thanks, I enjoy people summarizing my posts. ;)

leogirl95 12

18- What could the op have done wrong? Maybe they have chronic acne and they can't help it.

What an asshole thing to say! Calling people names, ESP stupid makes u look just as bad!!!

wlddog 14

To shorten up what #18 was saying... Dentist good, #5 Stupid.

koolkat27 13

29- a dentist's job is to clean TEETH and not tell their patients to see a dermatologist. OPs dentist isn't getting paid to point out her/his flaws and embarass them. If their acne was that bad that it needed to be pointed out, then OP probably knew they had skin issues. Being a dentist doesn't give one the excuse to act like an ass and give them unnecessary advice on a completely different topic.

Jeez torva, calm down. You don't even know me and there you are typing abuse to me on a fricking website. Get a life pal.

doglover339 4

Torva, he has a right to say things but won't he even consider it isn't any of his business to comment on ops face? If he could notice ops acne then op probably does too... Maybe it won't go away either way no one should say that to you unless they are a close friend or family's called being considerate of peoples' feelings

lol70720 5

lol he doesn't seem mad, just saying the truth brah

NO- our job is to look after the patient- as I said above, we are trained in other aspects- and as I say all the time to my patients- it's their own job to clean their teeth- we deal more in prevention and patching up cavities

TheHeavyOne 15

You must have the worst acne, ever. Wash your face!

Lil_Red777 21

Washing your face DOES NOT always help the situation. In fact, if OP is washing their face too much that could be half the problem. The acne could be stress related.

Torva_fml 16

1)^she's right, washing your face too much cabcause harm 2) who said it was acne? 3) you're dumb... Don't talk about acne like you even have a clue, you obviously don't. 4) I need 5 points. 5) I just felt like 5 was a good number. :)

Unless OP has Rosacea which can look like acne but it's not, and is worsened by harsh facial cleansers, exfoliants and acne treatments. Many face rashes look like acne but aren't, like the classic (and quite serious) Lupus rash, malar rash, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Even cystic acne doesn't resolve with washing alone. Jerk.

I recommend one of the clean and clear acne washes. Use every night before you go to sleep, then apply a bit of moisturizer. My skin is now glowing! :)

iFizzgig 11

"well everything looks great, except these massive zits staring me in the face the whole time, I mean seriously it's like a mosh pit of blondes."

Your dentist should have been on the receiving end of a swift kick to the balls. "Oh sorry Doc, you must have hit a nerve."

Comet_Candy 23

Hopefully not while something as dangerous as a drill was in OP's mouth :/

Torva_fml 16

Good idea, let's kick the dude with tons of sharp tools in your mouth, in the balls! Sounds like an ingenious idea!

good thing it was a hypothetical situation, torva

hahayourmom101 5

Maybe he's advertising for a freind? or you just have bad acne haha

Sounds like you just barely escaped there by the skin of your teeth.

Torva_fml 16

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe, I remember when people used to say that....

66- Don't be a kiss up. If you like the comment just thumbs up & move on.

RussianFox - So we're not allowed to comment on comments anymore? No one informed me that the rules had changed! Or maybe you should follow your own personal commenting rule - if you DON'T like a comment, just thumb it down and move on and don't act like a dick.

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Didn't you get the memo? No replies anymore. If you have something to say to a user, in regards to their comment, you must send them a letter.

"Like" the comment. Never did I was say to never comment. Actually never mind considering the amount of people that kiss the ground Doc stands on, I won't win this.

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FML is a hivemind that rivals the Zerg; rustle their jimmies and you're in for some unpleasant replies and downvotes.