By ILoveAnimals - 11/06/2012 07:14 - Austria - Vienna

Today, I went to the circus with my family. When we were looking at the animals during the break, an elephant took my purse with his trunk and ate it. It crushed my cellphone, camera, keys and wallet. After that, the circus director yelled at me for feeding poisonous stuff to his elephant. FML
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Look at it this way, now you don't have to carry all that shit around with you.


Trisha_aus 15

You'll get it back in little crushed pieces from the other end covered with...

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We have a couple FML's about thieves today! ... How nifty.

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Announcer: Attention ladies our elephant may eat your pur.. Announcer: Oh.. Ah.. ok, wait it already happened, just beware! Thank you. P.S no refunds.

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1-Darn it you took my comment I wonder if she was in the bathroom.

1 - I know that was a reference to another fml but I think I'd rather it take my shoe

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Haters be haters on my previous comment.(:

That's what you get for keeping a $5 footlong in your purse.

You don't have "haters". You have people who see your attempt at humor for what it is: not funny.

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#85 that's to bad cant blame it tho it was when I woke up

Did you call your phone to make sure it was working?

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32- why am i laughing at this?

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The elephants not dumb. It was probably like "oh hey what's that?" and grabbed it. It's natural instinct. Go to a zoo where an elephant can take access your stuff and have a bag out. If it sees it it will take it.

beelee1988 13

Elephants are actually very smart. Dumb human.

Robo-elephant hungry!!!! Must eat technology!

Mebe if our race started eating cellphones and cameras we will become smarter

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oh, she got it back, alright!

How do you think she could get them back once an elephant ate them? From the elephant's shit?

MikeonFML 17

She wouldn't have known what it crushed if she didn't get it back...


No, she got it back. It was all perfect. Nothing messed up. (Sarcasm)

florido_fml 10

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HairyPunisher 27

Yeah, a crushed cell phone and camera are definitely profitable.

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Well, you can get the money and credit cards back if you can stand to wait a few hours and wade through a pile of elephant shit, gluing pieces back together.

HairyPunisher 27

florido seemed pretty serious to me. And even if he was attempting sarcasm, his joke was not even remotely funny. Not to toot my own horn but my above comment was clearly sarcastic AND funny.

113-Saying "not to toot my own horn" doesn't make everyone suddenly forgive you for tooting your own horn.

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No, the circus director might have charged them for feeding 'poisonous' stuff to the elephant

Holy shit! I don't think I've ever heard of that happening before. But tell the circus director to calm down; explain what happened, and reassure him that it'll come out one way or another. ;)

Achall91 17

Once while I was visiting a zoo in Australia my aunt dropped her camera case into the den of two large lizards. They had just been sitting there before but when the saw the camera case they rushed over and one started eating the case. You could actually see the case going down it's throat. We had to get a zoo keeper to go in the den so the lizard wouldn't die. He asked if we wanted it back after but it was covered in slimy stuff. I assume that kind of thing happens often. Sorry my comment is long and if you find it irrelevant but it made sense to me.

Some people are just plain stupid.. *sigh* I am living proof..

Look at it this way, now you don't have to carry all that shit around with you.

I have a dog named Paco. Sometimes we call him Paco the Taco. Paco, get off FML and finish your food!

That's exactly what op is going to be carrying around if she wants her stuff back! :L

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this is very hard to believe, but I would be demanding some type of compensation, since nobody warned them not to bring personal items into the ring...

you weren't exactly being attentive if it took ur purse especially if it was on ur shoulder

Generally, in my experience, elephant strength > human strength. If the elephant wanted the purse, there probably wasn't going to be a damn thing OP could do about it.

Unless the OP was a body-building steroid-pusher, of course. Tug-of-war time, circus edition!

I have a feeling that the elephant would still win.

Reminds me of that "Water for Elephants" book. Such mischievous animals these big grey behemoths seem to be.

Attentive or not, if an elephant wants to take something from you it will. There's no way you're gonna be able to stop it.