By Sad Mom - 25/07/2015 02:04 - United States - Wylie

Today, I pulled several socks from under my son's bed. I spent far too long trying to figure out why they were so stiff before I finally realized. FML
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At least they weren't fresh. Count yourself lucky

kimeatszombies 22

Oh god oh man oh god oh man.


kimeatszombies 22

Oh god oh man oh god oh man.

JMichael 25

Lmfao did anyone else read that comment in Cleveland Brown's voice? no? okay just thought I'd ask.

Xandrick 22

Lovelockdown23, I totally did! xD

jentrynicole 20

Wash your hands until they're raw.

A bucket of bleach works too. (I figure I better right a warning in case someone is dumb enough to actually do it. Bleach should not come into contact with your skin.)

Badkarma4u 17

She's his mother she's touched worse things that have come out of his body.

cheshireau 26

Nononono. There is NOTHING worse than that.

You can dip your hands in bleach and suffer no ill effects. So long as you have no open sores/wounds, don't touch your face or clothes, or eat anything right after. Just wash your hands with soapy water and you're good to go.

Don't tell him about it or he will tell you to put a sock in it.

DivineZero 18

i think you mean "put it in a sock"

#16 can't tell if making a joke or stupid

joeyl2008 29

Years ago my friends mom found his "sock" and she mentioned to him that it was really stiff (I don't think she knew why) and he told her that was his million dollar sock

DivineZero 18

aha, it was meant as a joke - i often find myself a fan of cringe-worthy humor

At least they weren't fresh. Count yourself lucky

I'm not sure if that's better or worse, honestly

@29 if it's fresh it's still sticky and liquid witch can cum on your hands

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#126 What's a liquid witch and why is she cumming on our hands? Lol.

Should probably remind him to do laundry

I don't think that is what OP is getting at. But glad some people still have innocent minds

I know what she's getting at, but it'll be a way so she doesn't have to touch them or bring up the subject haha

I'm one of those people. What does that mean?

It means her son has been ejaculating into his socks. I'm sure you could've taken the time to read the other 100+ comments before asking, #150.

She probably could have, but the way you put it was so eloquent yet blunt.

Well... Just try to look on the bright side OP, that's probably better than walking in on him in action. Might want to say something to him to avoid dealing with his crusty socks.

addisonrose12 16

Or just leave a large box of Kleenex with a note saying "wash your own socks"

I don't know... I'd rather see it happening than feel the results. Both are gonna be awkward but I prefer the one that keeps me from being oblivious to what a crusty sock is doing to be so damn crusty...

If you say anything to him its probably going to scar him for life... I would say just don't look under his bed anymore, make him do his own laundry. Tell him he's growing up he has to learn this important life skill.

Telling your own son that he's a filthy pig for letting his laundry get out of control will scar him for life? If that's all it takes to traumatize you, I pity your upbringing.

You must be the kind of person who likes to angrily fap while staring dead into your mother's eyes. Also, nice screen name swallow, it is unusually appropriate in this case.

Fair enough that sucks, but why would you son not just put it in the laundry in a different shirt - hidden - so it gets washed and no one notices - though what happened to you really sucks.

That can turn bad really fast though if the sock and shirt have different colours and suddenly the white laundry comes back pink ;) (My mum separates everything carefully so this would never work). Most people also wash their shirts at 30°C and underwear/socks at 60°C so the sock propably wouldn't even come back clean... *ew* I don't understand why people won't just use tissues though. Sounds so much easier :P (I'm a girl btw)

You obviously know all the tricks maybe the OP's son should start taking notes

Or he could have just used the cat. ( I don't care, downvote me! I giggled!)