By Anonymous - Malta - Qormi
Today, after a dental appointment, my lips were numb. On the bus on my way back home, the cutest girl smiled at me. In attempt to smile back, I forgot my lips were numb and ended up spitting my chewing gum at her. I had to switch buses. FML
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  alexisaurus  |  20

"Today, I saw this cute guy on the bus and, feeling a bit confident, I smiled at him. He then spit his gum out at me, and hurriedly got off the bus." FHL?

  cosmicriver  |  17

Yes, some dentists give you gum. Albeit, it depends on what they have to do. Now, if you get 3 or 4 teeth yanked out of your skull, not only will the dentist not recommend it, but that will probably be the last thing you would think of doing.

By  themonesterman  |  12

Yeah, sucks man. (Obvious) piece of advice, don't chew gum with numb lips. In a way, you're lucky that you didnt do something worse to yourself, i.e bite your lip and bust it without noticing it.


Chewing things with a numbed mouth is scary. My mom once fed me shrimp after a dentist appointment and I thought I bit through my cheek several times before I finally gave up and stopped eating. I can't imagine trying to chew gum!


I think he's referencing the scene in the fifth movie where Harry spits his pumpkin juice out when he tries to smile at Cho over breakfast. Or at least, that's the only scene I can think of off the top of my head where this FML could be related.

  catsmeow123  |  11

No, this probably refers to the scene from book 7 when the trio was caught by snatchers, and, to protect Harry, Hermione hexed him and disfigured his face. I was thinking about that too...

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Because who doesn't beat people up when they make a mistake...


Is this supposed to be a reference to the FML with the girl who gets some one on the bus to beat the OP up for "taking pictures" of her? That's the only thing I can think of that would make you say this ...