By Betchsadface - 13/07/2010 04:34 - United States

Today, I got bitch-slapped by a walrus at Sea Life Park. FML
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Deserved it. You probably threw a peanut at it, or even worse... MADE THE DUCKFACE! :OO

I AM THE WALRUS!!!! coo coo ca choo :-P


Ummm... Ok...?

that is pretty awesome : )

It would have been so rad so see!

you... probably deserved it.

Amazing!!!!!!! hahaha I would be spreading the word, that's one of the most random things I've ever heard!

that's epic!! idk if this is an fml or a ydi.. but either way it's funny

video... Or it didn't happen D:

FAKE-- No human to animal contact is allowed in any zoo or theme park. You would have had 10 lawyers come to your rescue if it was allowed.

yes! this. and ty for making me lol.

no. not that. there's actually not laws that prevent this. I mean, ffs, haven't you heard of swimming with dolphins? petting zoos? *sigh*

Rofl!!! that's a bit funny :(

This reminds me of when my fatass girlfriend bitch-slapped me. j/k - "I don't do fat chicks."

POW!!!! Right in the Kisser!

you got lucky it wasn't a penguin they're crazy

put it on YouTube

this is why I love sea creatures <3

Do you have a giant flipper print on your face. GOO GOO G'JOOB!

#6 I thought of The Hangover when I read your comment. xD OP- You got pwned.

this is goin sound odd but I'll love for that to happen to me lol


i think it is from the hangover NOT UP IN HERE!!!

are u stupid??? thaz a super win!

#80 haha Family Guy♥ :)

da walrus was like BOOM HEADSHOT!!! BIATCH!!! haha lol

ahahah pwnd. :D

He thought you stole his bukkit

he thought u were stealin his bucket :p

penguins are ninjas


lmao family guy!!!

haha. u must have been "stealing his bucket". For those of u who have the funny pics app on ur iPod, u know what I mean

bahahahahaha. made my day!

Boom Head Shot

exactly what i was gonna put. lol

exactly what i was gonna put.

All replies to this comment are stupid.

Deserved it. You probably threw a peanut at it, or even worse... MADE THE DUCKFACE! :OO

Aww now I feel like seeing Shamu. :( haha Reminds me of that one SpongeBob episode with the clam and the peanut.

It was an oyster. Get it right.

buh jeezuz, my bad. My point being it was funny :)

did the walrus say "I'm Rick James Bitch" afterwards? and on a side note I agree with #51's shirt

u got knocked the fk out!

I think you made this up how the hell can u get bitch slapped by a walrus that's so stupid

what does comment moderated even mean? every person that posts that just sounds like an idiotic assclown

Lol, it means the moderaters moderated the comment, because it didn't follow the rules. They certainly didn't post that.

Someone above here sounds like an idiotic assclown for sure.

I don't think I've ever seen an idiot assclown, or heard of one for that matter. This is new to me!

38- I love your picture haha : )

Count your blessings that it wasn't a whale tail. Don't get so close to the walrus' OP!

ok op u were bitch slapped by a walrus did he use powder...and is he considered ur pimp now

lol wat are the rules lol I been cussing like a mofo

I AM THE WALRUS!!!! coo coo ca choo :-P

Aren't walrus' the mammals with the biggest penis? *50 First Dates refrence :)* By the way... I wasn't aware that that was the noise they made.

how much is she going for these days I get a fml discount

Jimboom fails for wrong lyrics.

Sorry, I just wrote it how I always thought it sounded to me. Never actually looked up the lyrics to know any different. Still, I think I got the point across even with slightly wrong lyrics. :-)

Whale penis = Dork.

No 11, they are the animal with the second largest penis.

which one is the largest? lol. XD

5, thank you for making me laugh even harder at this fml. Lol

I am the Walrus by The Beatles! I love the Beatles.

pronounciations 5


HAHAHAHA. Hawaii pwned

Just bring BP with you next time. They know how to give nature a roundhouse kick. That'll teach them bitch-slapping walruses.

o shut man u have me laughing so hard I'm crying

me too #17--maybe he can plug the walrus?

f*ck man I'm dying too!! bahahahahahhahh!!