By SheaLili - 07/08/2011 17:14 - United States

Today, I took my kids to the circus. We were having fun, right up until the point they saw an old man dressed as a clown, at which point they screamed, grabbed onto my shorts, and managed to accidentally pull them down. FML
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I don't blame them. Clowns are fucking scary.

......I really hope you wore underwear. O.o


You never know! Maybe he was a pedophile...?

He who? Her kid? The clown wasn't the one who did it

if OP is a girl, that's hawt :3

Yeah I know, but old man in a clown suit? I guess I'm the only one who finds that creepy.

Next time just take them to see that new Planet of the Apes movie.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

future job opening at the circus for you? Way to beat the economy.

Coulrophobia at its finest :)

tht movie was so corny tht it was actually funny

I don't blame them. Clowns are fucking scary.

True that.. Clowns are not cool. Not the slightest..

What about old clowns?

Unless they get hurt. Then it's hilarious. Lol

Who's the clown now?

once this clown chaced me around for 5 minute .. flipin scary

......I really hope you wore underwear. O.o

What if he wore his Hello Kitty underwear? I can't say that I've never worn em

Lol theirs no fun in wearing underwear

Horrified looks from everyone in the room......

I believe op is female. No panties please!

They should be scared "it" can travel through your drains on it's way to kill you

That movie gave me terrible nightmares. lol.

D: Whenever I take a shower I have to distract myself from looking at the drain otherwise I get super scared.

Oh man, that movie was fuckin' scary... Urf.

Tim Curry is awesome!

I heard they're remaking it. I'm definitely first in line.

Hopefully you have a clown fetish.

Clowns are scary I don't blame them

I don't get why clowns are at circuses anymore...movies have ruined them for kids forever

Joker *shudders*

The joker is nice compared to "IT"

Haha, clowns scare the sh** outta me too

The clown was pissed because the joke in your shorts was funnier than any of his gags.

I would of done the exact same thing. Clowns are fucked up...

You say you are one of the few people who know how to type with correct grammar. Lol. Yet in your comment you said "would OF" instead of 'would HAVE'. (: great day.

Well, she doesn't know correct grammar then, does she? ;)