By fordneagles - 11/06/2012 05:56 - Australia - Perth

Today, I was using a public toilet when someone entered the stall next to mine. Instead of using the facilities, the person in there reached under the stall to steal my bag. Fortunately, I was holding the strap so they couldn't take it. Unfortunately, they decided to take my right shoe instead. FML
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Hey guys, I'm the OP, for those worried about the grossness of the floor, the cleaners had just been in (the wet floor sign was still there), so I just took off the other sandal and looked a bit of a bogan, but better than replacing everything in my wallet! And for the record, my bag was not on the floor, it was resting on my (previously sandalled) feet. I've never noticed any hooks in the stalls, but then I've never expected someone to try and nick my bag either.

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AsianCookie247 14

Who the **** does that?! File, OP. That's some strange shit.

Better than your bag!:) Be glad you escaped with only one shoe stolen and not your bag, still rotten of a person to do though. And you got enough common sense to hold your bag even at places like that, so cheers:)


Better than your bag!:) Be glad you escaped with only one shoe stolen and not your bag, still rotten of a person to do though. And you got enough common sense to hold your bag even at places like that, so cheers:)

No kidding. But still. Wtf.

That's a seriously dick move on the thief's part...or (since it's the ladies room) would it be a pussy move?

Not really better when you have to walk through a disgusting bathroom with one shoe.

Exactly what I was thinking 30. I've heard that throughout the day the foot gets the dirtiest but this just makes it worse.

It's stll much better, #30. Washing your foot, or even hopping on one foot, is a lot easier than cancelling credit cards, closing bank accounts, issuing credit fraud alerts, getting new identification, getting locks changed, etc. Wrap some paper around your foot and check the bins. The thief may have chucked the shoe there.

30 - Get your wallet or purse stolen then come back and tell us which is worse. I've had A credit card stolen and that was a lot worse than a stupid shoe and having to walk in the floor. It's not like you're going to lick your foot afterwards (I hope). I can't imagine how horrible it'd be losing my whole purse.

59 - unless said person suffers from foot-in-mouth disease.

Having a credit card stolen isn't such a big issue. I'm pretty sure you can get it blocked/de-activated.

nancyschmancy 9

Obviously, lil, you've never had one stolen. Even turning the card off, the charges made immediately after it is stolen (thieves use them right away) have to be disputed. It is a huge pain. I would rather have my shoe stolen any day!

Is it just me or is there a lot of fml's about people reaching under stalls/changing rooms and taking things?!

smileeee_fml 0

Lmao what a freak... Oh well he can have your smelly shoe just aslong as he doesn't have your bag!

I'm curious how the person managed to remove your shoe..

89 maybe they tried to kick the thiefs hand away and the angle made it easy for the thief to grab the shoe.

syley 5

Honestly i think it would have been best to finish your business quickly and inform the security or a worker of what transpired and wait outside the restroom for the thief, if the thief already ran away (best option for the thief, but there are plenty of dumb criminals) it would still be worth telling a worker of the restaurant or where ever you were, maybe they would reimburse you for your lost shoe.

thatkidceleste 2

should of stomped the hell outta their hand.

so stealing your left shoe wouldve been okay?

thatoneguy79 10

157 - Yes. With many vehicles Having automatic transmissions these days, not having your right shoe can disrupt you foot placement, causing erratic driving. Missing your left shoe simply increases your chances of talking on your phone while driving.

AsianCookie247 14

Who the **** does that?! File, OP. That's some strange shit.

It's some Cinderella shit, really. The culprit is Prince Charming.

And I thought America was worst.

Sorry, OP but I couldn't suppress a laugh at this one.

Colonel_Lexi 18


RS795 8


I would step out of the stall to chase her even if I didn't wipe, no bitch be taking my bag OR my shoes.

G0v3nat0r 7

It could have been worse. I've heard before that a woman has had her Achilles Tendon cut clean through by someone reaching under just so they could steal her bag. Consider yourself lucky OP.

You put your bag on the floor? Next time hang it. So thieves and bacteria cannot get to it.

peachesncreem 21

That's not all that safe either. My friends and I walked into a public toilet and caught a teenage girl stealing another persons bag that was on the hook.

How does one do that? Are their arms that long? :O

xStaciexLynnx 15

If the hooks are high on the inside of the door and the thief is moderately tall then it's fairly easy to reach over and grab it off the hook. That's why a lot of new places put the hook lower or on the side now.

The hooks on the sides are the best! I don't know why more cubicles have those added in.

Ninjasaurus18 9

55- Because not every place with a bathroom thinks its important. We have them at my school, but not every one does.

ergo_fml 13

There was an FML once where someone reached over the door and stole the purse... Nowhere is safe!!

stuner56 22

3 people have their profile pictures as cats

103 congratulations you have eyes.

beelee1988 13

103- Unless someone changed their picture before I seen this, only 2 people have their pictures of a cat.

Well... Cats are the shit.

Personally, I think that the hooks ought to be on the wall behind the toilet, rather than on the sides or on the stall's door.

55 - Some places don't do the side hooks because people knock into them which rips them off the wall eventually, they get snagged on them, or their clothing gets snagged on them. The ones behind the door are less likely to have those issues. I agree with the person who said put them over the back of the toilet; that makes the most sense to me.

"Cats are the shit." Says DogsPaw. Okay.

@123. Do you have any idea how disgusting the walls behind the toilet are? Side hooks or lower hooks on the stall are probably your best bet. Not that those surfaces are particularly clean either.

I swear I have read this on FML before.

Gosh darn it! Just when u thought it was safe to have a wee. Is nothing sacred anymore?!

reallytho3 11

This has gone too far...

She could've thrown the pissey toilet paper at the thief :)

wlddog 14

This never happens in the men's restroom.

frankothetanko 0

your right, much worse happens in there

wlddog 14

LoL. I guess you have heard about the bathroom gangs that roam from men's room to men's room. You never know when they will strike. Not only do they leave phone numbers about supposed good times to be had, they never come true. They also make fart noises when you are trying to focus.

What an idiot. Well, I hope she's happy with that one shoe.

JayBear14 11

Then he went to the other stall and took the other shoe :)

Some people just have no shame. :/ Maybe karma will smite them

"And will strike done with furious anger to those who hath done wrong!" I read that somewhere. It seemed to fit the situation.

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Pooped on what? The hand?

BunchieRules 31

68 - I think 8 meant the shoe, but this probably happened too fast for OP to react that way...

Yes, because pooping in ones own shoe, just KNOWING that someone will end up trying to steal it, is in all ways, a smart idea.

sutianneli 13

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lol that would make for an interesting FML

No, she should have stepped on the persons hand. Fyl op.

lukep135 6

No she shouldve pissed on it. Hopefully she has amazing precision because that would really freak the thief out

grace12898 0

Today, I tried to steal someone's shoe in the stall next to me. I didn't realize they held the Olympic gold medal for pissing, cause she managed to pee in my hand. FML YDI level: thru the roof

Haha lmfao I just invisioned that! Lol

Better your shoe than your bag! Also, why would you put your bag on the gross bathroom floor? Hang it up on the door next time.

People have reached over before and taken bags from off the hooks. It was a pandemic in a local mall for awhile. Plus, sometimes women need their bags for feminine reasons...

I am a woman and I know what they need their bags for. I always just take what I need from it and hang it up. It's literally inches away from you. It's not like the door is ten feet from the toilet.

Haha didn't realize. :) no harm meant, was just sayinnn

Ninjasaurus18 9

10- Maybe there were no hooks, or maybe OP isn't a germophobic pussy like a lot of the people here. You don't lick your purse, sniff your purse, rub your purse all over your face and if you regularly use hand sanitizer, you'll be fine.

It's the same as setting your phone on the nasty floor. You carry your purse EVERYWHERE. You come home and set it on the counter, maybe the one you make food on. So oops, now you ingested whatever germs you've been in contact with. Try again.

Plus, you shouldn't excessively use hand sanitizer. The alcohol will dry out your hands and cause cracks in the skin that allows bacteria in. When you over use hand sanitizer for no reason, you're doing more harm than good.

87 - You don't wash your counter before preparing food on it? That's a lot more nasty than putting your purse on the floor. The stuff you prepare on the counter you KNOW will wind up in your mouth; with a purse, the odds are significantly less.