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Today, I had to admit that my jealousy issues were becoming a problem when I almost told my boyfriend not to apply at the local McDonald's, because of the high school girls that would see him there. FML
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McDonalds workers ARE notorious for their appeal to teenage girls..

How old are you that high school girls bother you?


How old are you that high school girls bother you?

Oh I hate it when they get moderated before I've read them.

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Haha well 13 even though it wasn't intentional, your rally call is getting #1 buried.

I don't think I would worry too much, because obviously nothing gets high school girls Hornier than a man working at McDonalds lol

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It could be a part time job, 96. That's a hell of a lot better future than teenagers that just sit around on their ass all day. He might need the money for college.

I feel you OP, especially if your boyfriend was cute because a lot of girls go after older guys these days.

He will of course only look at the high school girls that are 18

This is a prime example of an idiot who can't read, and apparently can't see the edit button.

I actually hope this doesn't get moderated. Just so everyone can rage against this moron and thumb him down. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. EDIT: That was in reply to #2 who has since been moderated and my comment appeared here.

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Because high school girls are soo attracted to a man working at McDonald's. They can really tell he has a bright future.

They are high... So they might get confused and think he is cute.. Or that he is a pink little elephant ..

Uh wow 96, way to be an asshole. It's called a part time job, you know? Something you get to make a little money to pay for school and necessities and stuff? And you know what, having McDonald's on your résumé is actually a GOOD thing.

NO!!! them highschool chicks are sexy with their big.......... *stares and drools*

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3- Your photo goes so well with your comment.

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3- I actually read your photo before your comment. It was very appropriate.

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Just trust your boyfriend and try not to worry about it.

McDonalds workers ARE notorious for their appeal to teenage girls..

I don't understand why "hot" teenage girls go to McDonalds? I mean they're the ones that want to keep thin...

Maybe some hot teenage girls like fat people.

39 - Only if they're rich my friend....only if they're rich.

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I hear that!!! Nothing gets me going like a guy working the fry station! Smexi! ;)

32- McDonald's has healthy options too. Hot girls come in all the time, and either order a salad or something small. 39- Even though a lot of the employees have weight problems, there are a few guys that are very attractive, and girls check them out all the time. *I work at McDonald's, and know all of this from experience.

Going to McDonalds for a salad is like going to a hooker for a hug. And don't even get me started on those people who go in for fruit parfaies only. They should be hanged!!

I feel very sorry for you, you probably live somewhere like Kentucky where mcd is higher quality. All the McDonalds are considered the rock bottom in my town. ******, pimps, homeless, and street dealers hang out there mostly and the employees are all in dead-end "careers" and don't give a damn if you wait an hour to get your disgusting prefab reheated food.

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The ghetto ass mcdonald a couple of blocks away have high school sophmores working there. The service is soo bad ! All the staffs ever do is sex sex sex. Ugh on the counter, in the storage room, on the kitchen floor. They don't care if everybody sees. Ugh.

A lot of teenage girls have amazing metabolisms.

Well in that case *drops fries in oil* "you like that? Imma be a bad boy and leave em in just a little too long" :p weird lol

I used to go to McDonald's on lunch breaks at college. It's cheap and was within walking distance. Why would you think all of the customers must be overweight? All kinds of people eat fast food even though it's terrible.

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I worked at McDonald's when I was sixteen, ate there everyday, and ended up unintentionally losing weight. I also got hit on everyday by older men, so logically, in OP'S case, the opposite will occur. LOGIC!

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Na, bitches at McDonald be jelly, trust me.

21 - No, bitches be without an apostrophe. If you know what I mean.

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I'm a little lost here. If bitches be jelly, can I be peanut butter?

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Bitch, you be the jelly, I'd be the peanut butter, Nothing else matters under this whole grain cover.

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But a big ass and chest are, it's possible OP is blessed with these.

If she is then she has no reason to worry about high school girls

Haha lol omg fu rofl that was the most hilarious comment I have ever seen

Really? I didn't think it was all that funny

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I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce...

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and yours? I hope you are a BK dino-nugget monster xD

"Go **** yourself with a cactus." I don't think I've ever seen a better captioned AJ picture.