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Today, after spending hours of my time painting sets for the last two months - with less dedication than only the head painter herself, and to the point where my health and grades suffered - I finally got to see the play I worked so hard on. I was the only one they forgot to put in the playbill. FML
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That would be so heartbreaking! Sorry, OP!

I'm gonna get down voted... But what is a playbill?

Pretty sure it lists all cast members

It lists any and all people who worked on the play in any way. Usually includes extras and people who stand behind the curtain lol, so it's pretty stupid that OP didn't get put on it.

A playbill is a program given to the audience before a play that essentially maps out the production, generally listing song numbers (if it's a musical) and lists the members of the cast and crew. On Broadway it also has advertisements (and some other places as well). It's very unprofessional that they forgot to put in an important crew member...

Damn, OP, that sucks. We all know what it's like to not be acknowledged for our work but if you worked as hard as you said you did you have a right to be pissed off.

that's horrible. you should definitely try to ask your head painter or something, don't let your efforts go to waste.

I've been in plays and they would forget to put me in playbills sometimes, I feel your pain OP

Paint your name everywhere. No one shall be ignorant of your dedication. Paint on every wall, every floor, and every small child. There will be no space left empty of your name. Your talent will not be forgotten. You will prosper in every play-bill to come and every Shakespearean history book to follow. You ARE the stage.

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Sorry that happened to you OP. I guess you won't ever decide to work with these people again.