By water fail - 28/01/2016 11:42 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, it was an extremely hot day so I hit up the beach for a swim. Just as I entered the water, the first wave approached me. I tried to jump it and lost my footing, managing to dislocate my hip. I had to be dragged from the water by the lifeguards. FML
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Water you doing OP? Get some hops!

On the bright side at least it's not -20 and winter where you are :p


That's awful sorry OP

Water you doing OP? Get some hops!

I know autists with better puns. please consult raPUNzel on the interwebs for tips and tricks

15- please tell me that was not your example of a "better" pun. YOU FAIL

Well at least your rescue was dramatic.

Why did you want to jump the water? In the water.

Maybe this is the same guy that tried to ninja into his house the other day

Maybe he was trying to jump the shark too.

What a shitty and painful situation, I'm hoping at least the lifeguards were hot?

Hey this doesn't deserve a down vote. A hot lifeguard would at least be a silver lining on a crappy situation!

Thankyou! Just trying to make OP feel better

isnobodyhere 32

What are lifeguards for? ;)

Bouncing breasts running down the beach according to Baywatch

Mmmmm. Pamela Anderson before she turned yellow.

The lesson here is that we should never do what our brains yell at us to

What, are you a geriatric?

FYL. Sometimes, life's a beach.

On the bright side at least it's not -20 and winter where you are :p