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Aw that's embarrassing. Hey sometimes I choke on my saliva :D.


Fucking boring.

Hurray for sluts from California.

What makes her a slut?

yes #34, enlighten us as to why the OP is a slut.

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agree with 29. Once again, FML needs a 3rd option - "who cares?"

i effing hate the word 'cutely.' it is not in ANY WAY cute. at all. -.- how is this even an FML? maybe you're get that CPR after all, yeah?

*you'll. and YDI.

nobody said cutely but you.

yeah #34 why the fuck does that make her a slut?? not all girls from Cali are sluts..... please ignore my screen name.

@105 u r a whore that i cant ignore

105 - win!! :D

@56 Please read the fml again?

Where does it say cutely? She said "casually" and that's it

poor girl. i hope he was cute

I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Why is this an FML? Nothing bad happened. Like, a cute lifeguard told you he'd give you CPR, that's awesome! Then, you choke.. oooh what's so bad about htat?

It was mean't to be, dum dum!

Maybe he made you do that with his telekinetic powers. But I really don't think you'd need CPR for inhaling a small amount of water. And I take it it was a small amount because you can't hold that much in your mouth at once. Probably not even enough to pass out from. Just cough and maybe puke for a while, and you're fine.

LOL! That's funny. Haha

Hahahahahaha. This is funny.

Aw that's embarrassing. Hey sometimes I choke on my saliva :D.

How in the hell is that possible #10?

if #10 or OP swallows the water & it goes down the wrong hole it's very possible ...

Thanks for the little bit of information, #10

At least you weren't "casually trying to bump into him."

this belongs to