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Today, I was at the pool, casually flirting with one of the lifeguards. He said that he would gladly give me CPR, in the event that I needed it. I laughed and thanked him, stating that it was a sweet idea, even though I wouldn't be needing assistance. I then choked on my bottled water. FML
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Aw that's embarrassing. Hey sometimes I choke on my saliva :D.

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It was mean't to be, dum dum!


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yes #34, enlighten us as to why the OP is a ****.

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agree with 29. Once again, FML needs a 3rd option - "who cares?"

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i effing hate the word 'cutely.' it is not in ANY WAY cute. at all. -.- how is this even an FML? maybe you're get that CPR after all, yeah?

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yeah #34 why the **** does that make her a ****?? not all girls from Cali are *****..... please ignore my screen name.

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@56 Please read the fml again?

Where does it say cutely? She said "casually" and that's it

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poor girl. i hope he was cute

I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Why is this an FML? Nothing bad happened. Like, a cute lifeguard told you he'd give you CPR, that's awesome! Then, you choke.. oooh what's so bad about htat?

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It was mean't to be, dum dum!

Maybe he made you do that with his telekinetic powers. But I really don't think you'd need CPR for inhaling a small amount of water. And I take it it was a small amount because you can't hold that much in your mouth at once. Probably not even enough to pass out from. Just cough and maybe puke for a while, and you're fine.

Aw that's embarrassing. Hey sometimes I choke on my saliva :D.

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How in the hell is that possible #10?

if #10 or OP swallows the water & it goes down the wrong hole it's very possible ...

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Thanks for the little bit of information, #10

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At least you weren't "casually trying to bump into him."