By IHateMyJob - 14/09/2010 02:00 - United States

Today, while scrubbing my car with the foam brush at a car wash, the hose for the brush came whipping around and smacked me hard in the side of the head, knocking off my glasses. I got disoriented from the blow and stepped on my glasses, completely smashing them. FML
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FMLephant 2

Were you washing the mystery machine Velma?


How did it just come whipping around on its own, if it wasn't you twirling it about?

BoyFromTheFuture 0

dude it's probably at one of those self washes where the hoses are fed from a rotating pipe spinning parallel to the ceiling. whenever I use those I end up getting hit at least once when the hose releases after getting stuck on the corner of the car.

stephanie0613 0

haha wow this fml made me laughh ! fyl :)

phired7 0

this is the only fml to ever make me burst out laughing.

that wouldve been hilarious for a 3rd party viewer. (:

That sucks. D: I'm practically blind without my glasses so I definitely would have stepped on them too. Glad it wasn't me! :D

My glasses! My glasses! I can't see without my glasses.

the hose came and whipped you one the side of the head! sounds like what I did to yo momma last night!! :( I'm not funny

your words hurt me :( I'm gonna cry in the corner now, I hope you feel good, jerk!!! >:"(

aaaawwwwww :3 thanks 10!! hey I like xbox too! just not mw2, too many mlc's, m203's , OMA's, etc.

Shookitup 0

Oh, I can't wait for Black Ops to come out :)

oh me too! and reach, brotherhood, Gears 3. I'm moving to a school though and I can't take my xbox so I won't be able to play for 2 years D":

Shookitup 0

Yikes! O: I'm sorry, but that's okay because Xbox is pricing the Live accounts for a year higher by the end of November

my uncle works on the xbox team at Microsoft in Seattle ;) I got forza 3 new for 14 bucks :D

COD sucks. I just got back from the midnight release of Halo Reach. :)

18 AAAAAHHHHH I'm gonna steal it from you ;) have you played it yet?

My husband won't let me buy Halo Reach just yet. Shouldn't it be the other way around?! Haha

I'm picking up Halo Reach as soon as I get off work! :D

24 yeah it should! :p slap him around a little, he'll let you :) and if all else fails, it's BJ time. :o 25 lucky!

Yeah, can't wait, but since I work graveyard, I'm gonna make myself get some sleep before I play :(

halo reach is dumb the only good halo game was the first one. cod is better.

lickmyjock 0

40 speaks the god damn truth like a winner.

40 is just plain dumb, Halo Reach is a damn good you, stop being butthurt because the story is too complicated for you. COD really has no story, you just fight. In conclusion, Mass Effect Series > Halo Series > Frogger > CoD series

have no idea where that extra you came from Anyways, cod can be fun but the multiplayer is always the same.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Sounds like an amazing fight scene the way you put it. That hose made you it's bitch.

chuy92 0

sucks more that you got whacked on the head

FYLDeep 25

Good thing your glasses came off. Otherwise you would have to watch yourself get hosed.

FMLephant 2

Were you washing the mystery machine Velma?

xxniteskie 1

My thoughts exactly. Well done.

You just got pimpslapped by a hosepipe. You are now the hoses's bitch. Enjoy!