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Today, my girlfriend saw the name "Melissa" on my phone's contact list. After refusing to tell her who it was, she accused me of being a cheater, broke up with me and stormed out of my house. Melissa is the name of a woman from Craigslist who was going to sell me an antique engagement ring. FML
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You could have told her that it was because of a present to her... Then no loose ends to misunderstand on :) Fyl though, she sounds kind of insecure.. If she really love you, maybe she will want you back


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Of course, because that's how all good relationships start.

17 - I don't think 2 meant that lying throughout or at the start of the relationship is good, he probably meant OP should've come up with a better white lie so he could surprise his girlfriend with an engagement ring.

Well if she doesn't trust you you're probably better off without her.

Well it's better that you knew before hand that she was a jumpy bitch right?

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She reeeallyy overreacted there, but still I think the best thing to do at this point is to tell her the truth.

Op should have listed the contact as Craig.

propose anyway. she'll be so happy and will do anything to make up for dumping you

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This sarcasm font has to happen! Finally someone shares my concern!

Hey we have the same birthday! I thought it necessary to share that.

You're just gonna have to ruin the surprise and tell her the deal

Hope OP is not too late though. Judging by her overreaction, she might do a stupid revenge bang or something, u know. So hurry up!

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Well, it wasn't, and you should feel ashamed of yourself for making me waste 3 seconds to read that drivel and 45 seconds writing this.

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I agree. If this Melissa really was from Craigslist, why didn't you tell your girlfriend the truth? She'd have known about the engagement ring but she wouldn't left you.

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Or just say its a surprise for her. You don't need to say what.

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I think that OPs gf did overreact, but I also think that Op could have been cooler about it and avoided the issue with his gf. I mean yeah, he woulda been lying, but it's for a good reason.

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YDI for not telling her in the first place


Why would she immediately jump to that conclusion? There are plenty of other valid reasons she could have thought of instead of assuming the worst. I don't think she's worth it brother, she obviously doesn't love you as much if she can just dump you without even checking if her assumption was right.

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Well, if my boyfriend refused to tell me who a girl in his phone was, I'd probably think the worst too. I wouldn't have dumped him, though. I'd just have to trust that he's not doing anything behind my back.

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#2 - TOTALLY agree. The best thing OP could come up with was to refuse to tell her???!? What is the poor girl supposed to think when he's acting all weird and refuses to tell her who Melissa is? YDI for not being able to think on your feet.

She dumped him for having a girls number on his phone??? She's obviously an insecure little girl who has absolutely no trust for her boyfriend. Don't take her back OP, you can do better

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She saw a girl on his contact list & broke up with him? Overreaction.

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229 and 262 - I think it's the fact that he refused to tell her, not that there was just a girl on his phone. Give 'em a break!

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287- he shouldnt have to tell his girlfriend about every girl in his contact list.

Reminds me of the Statefarm commercial.

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I say you deserve it, OP, because refusing to say who a girl your (most likely) long term girlfriend has never heard of is sort of suspicious. But also FYL, because you really were just trying to do something sweet.

why would you tell someone you're going to propose?

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I mean he could lie but he didnt and in the end it screwed him :x

Thank you, 30, for putting my thoughts into words. Everytime my boyfriend had tried to not tell or show me something it had turned out to be this other chick he was dating. So OP girlfriend was NOT over-reacting. I hope OP can fix it all up alright, though.

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Of course a bitch has something to say about it.

who wants to marry someone who would break up with you that quick?

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I agree. Feelings are multiplied in marriage, so if you go into it with a strong relationship, you'll have no problem. If she broke up with you the second she saw the girls name, there were some underlying trust issues there. It's better you find out now!

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Ah you're better off bud, if all it took to upset her was seeing a girls name in your phone to piss her off. She obviously has trust issues because I'm going to go ahead an assume she was going through your phone since she saw it on the contacts list. However sorry to hear that happened to ya. 5's completely right.

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Why would it matter? She shouldn't be looking for a problem, which is what she did. You are far better without her. She is damaged goods, sorry

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Idk if she would have done this all through out marriage.. I mean she asked him a simple question and wen he refused to answer she got suspicious.. He could have just told her that he was buying something from her and not seemed like he was trying to hide something

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It's a good thing you found out how jealously psychotic she is before you married her.

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You could have told her that it was because of a present to her... Then no loose ends to misunderstand on :) Fyl though, she sounds kind of insecure.. If she really love you, maybe she will want you back

Welcome back to FML! (: I missed reading some of your comments.

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I agree. she will probably want you back. this is an opportunity for her to learn that you are trustworthy. I would ignore all the 'omg, run, she's crazy' comments, since every relationship has it's ups and downs, and misunderstandings.....real men stick around, and prove their worth. :)

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78 - real women also stick around and attempt to work things through; two way street.

oh good one of the few chronically positive people is back we need people like you to balance out all the cynicism

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Yeah, if she can't trust you, it's better off this way tbh

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Not even family members or friends? Even if you aren't allowed any male contacts on your phone that seems overly restrictive.

It seems both the sarcasm AND the meme reference got past this guy...

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I detected the sarcasm. Now why the down votes?

Because it doesn't really sound sarcastic. She seems she is just like OP's girl, if not worse. I can understand the sarcasm, but hers was pretty subtle. Not very easy to pick up on.

its pretty obvious sarcasm, especially with the "derp" at the end. some people are just a bit slow on the uptake.

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Dude. Why would you do that, I mean, I can at least trust my boyfriend with girls in his CONTACTS. Dumbfuck. That's just a bitch-move not letting him talk to any girls at all.

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Where is that sarcasm font when you need it?

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People are so quick to be badass and try to cuss someone out. If only she read the rest of the thread. Now who looks like a "dumbfuck?"

I think there's sarcasm in that comment guys, calm down

It's pretty obviously exaggerated anyways. No person would say no female contacts AT ALL. Then again, I can't judge this objectively, as this is the kind of sarcasm I use. But stop with the downvoting, especially all those who just see the down votes and follow along. Yes, I know you're out there. Rant over.

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Wow get some trust people your not his mother

Child.... If u can't trust him why u with him.

At first I believed this because my friend had to hide my number in her phone, because her BF wouldn't let her have any guys numbers.

Oh wow, guys. And this is why I usually say something like "but seriously, OP. wtf is wrong with [etc]". Of course I wasn't serious. Hence the "derp" at the end.

#85, I was being obviously sarcastic. Thanks for playing.

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it's pretty hard to sense sarcasm over the Internet haha

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Lol, I see the sarcasm now...

I don't get sarcasm but I probably should have spotted the derp, so my bad

Wtf does derp mean?? I didn't get the sarcasm cuz I have no effin clue what that stupid ****** word means..

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Sarcasm appears to be a rather foreign language to many of these people. =.=

Wow. If my girlfriend was that controlling, I'd dump HER! A relationship is mostly a waste of time if you can't trust each other. Trust and love makes the relationship. My girlfriend lets me do what I want and I let her do what she wants. No questions asked. We've been happily together for 3 years now and still going strong. We've got nothing to hide from each other... That's so stupid and immature when girls do that to their men. And I say "girls" for a reason. Guys shouldn't do it either. Jealousy is a main reason people cheat. They are being accused so much, they just do it (cheat) and get it over with. More than likely, the one making accusations is the cheater. In all honesty, people who are super jealous and make accusations constantly deserve to be cheated on. I could be wrong though.

Sounds like u have some probs. U dont own him. He can di what he wants. I garruntee u have alot of guys numbers. It doesnt work that way. Sounds to' me ur a shitty gf.

#266, I wasn't serious. Also, work on your spelling. Seriously, do you all have trouble with undertsanding sarcasm or anything? Or did you just not spot the "derp" right there? Yeah, we desperately need a sarcasm font.

#254, in my first relationship i was constantly cheated on. So with relationships, i do have trust issues. I dnt like my bf talking to numerous girls n he knows it. At first it was a mutual no opp sex thing, but then i relaxed and let him. Sometimes, relationships can be like that. Trust isnt just given once you start a relationship, for me i like to ease the girls in

You should have lied or failing that gone after her and explained. Since this only happened today I imagine there is still time for you to fix it.

It didn't necessarily happen today. All FMLs start with 'Today,' no matter when it was posted. And that's assuming they DID post right away. In other words, this could've happened yesterday, or even 5 years ago.