By Katrin - 30/10/2011 19:13 - Norway

Today, I got into my car after a long shift at work. When I looked in my rear view mirror, a horrifyingly evil face grinned at me from the back window. I leaped out of the car, only to be chased around by two people in clown masks. It turned out to be a prank set up by my co-workers. FML
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riceicle1 6

Why did you get out your car? I would have hit reverse xD

beerankin 0

I mean, it is Halloween. But you shouldn't try to give your friends a heart attack. That sucks tho


beerankin 0

I mean, it is Halloween. But you shouldn't try to give your friends a heart attack. That sucks tho

If this was my FML I'd be talking about how I shit my pants when I saw the clowns!

Well while your co workers are working, shut off all the lights, lock all the doors, leave blood trails everywhere, and pop out with a chain saw and kill them all! Or you could just throw a pie at there faces! Either one works

enonymous 8

Fucking ICP have invaded Norway!?!

I have my concealed handgun license, and I would have shot both of those individuals, had I been OP. I ******* hate clowns -_-

Since this is in Norway all I can think of is its my x bf who pulled a similar prank with a clown mask on me. 3 times. I got a phobia against clowns.

Shit my pepper spray would have been in there faces

"I like your bears- I mean, footwear."

^WOW who's the freak who commented on the wrong fml? o_O

leadman1989 15

20 and I still don't know how magnets ******* work! MIRACLES!!!

Find the closest object possible, whether it be a miniature hula dancer or a pen and beat the crap out of them.

I read shift as shit at first. :P

brettlovesgirls 4

38 I read faces as feces....

sierralovesyou 0

25- hells to the yeah that shit is NOT funny. Screw the fact that it's Halloween.

Shit, they're lucky it wasn't me! I see a face in my back window and I'm poppin the puppy in reverse and running over their ass!

xalerion 0

Ok, so anyone realize how stupid op was? Op saw someone menacing through her back window so op gets OUT of the car..... Uhm, op I hate to break it to you but with that line of reaction you wouldn't survive 2 minutes in a horror film..., and the first twenty are usually previews. Honestly op, I know you got scared half to death but ydi when all you had to do was drive away.

44, that made me laugh so hard I cried! Lol

15, if this was my FML, I'd be talking about how I put two clowns in the hospital. lol

I agree 96. OP reminds me of the scantily clad first victims with huge ****. "Oh no, there is something outside my car. Let me investigate it with a flash light and run and scream into the dark woods."

iloveyou1266 4

Surprise !

Op, that's awesome

Ydi. Lock your car.

Do you by chance drive a clown car?

Surprise, you owe this much this month.

nhuda 4

Wow nice coworkers....

I think I would've been more scared if the thing in nhuda's picture.

lostintime94 5

Agreed... *shivers from terror*

* chased me

riceicle1 6

Why did you get out your car? I would have hit reverse xD

Ha, same

Buttsexpirate 9

That situation is justifiable for murder I say!

I was wondering that, too, #3.

Hahaha if they were out of the car I would have no doubt ran them over. (I get scared of everything) but if they were in the car… god help us all.

JinxosGirl87 0

I don't understand OP's survival tactic; Oh look, people in masks looking to do me harm, let me run at them where they can reach me instead of fleeing.

Exactly what I was thinking, why would IP ren get out of the ca

68- dammit, what I meant to say was, exactly what I was thinking and why would OP's first reaction be to get out of the car? Fucking iPod...

idloai 0

I'm pretty sure that the op meant that the clowns were in the backseat of her car, not behind her car. At least that's what I understood when I read it.

idloai 0

never mind I just reread it and you guys were right

"Sometimes....stupid people do stupid things and die." -Charles Darwin

boredblonde 17

should've used your chuck norris skills to beat them up...then you would be the one with the last laugh!

5 More like your unicorn horn and plow them to death. Although no one will have the last laugh, for murder is a serious topic

Nobody but Chuck Norris has Chuck Norris skills.

ikickgingers 15

If one of them was dressed like 'It' I'd crap myself.

U and me both.

Same here. That was the scariest book ever.

Love that book!!!

Fucking Pennywise. He is the thing my childhood nightmares were full of.

The book is tons more ****** up than the movie. And it's not because of blood or gore (if you've read the book u know what I'm talking about)

I'm sorry but it's messed up but HELLA FUNNY.. =)

that is my worst nightmare..

Rule #4 always check the back seat

Zombieland x] winning.

boredblonde 17

Winning = overused


leadman1989 15

Winning = overused = winning?

I watched zombieland yesterday!!! :D

JustSumRedneck 0

28 Losing

dyble95 0

78 same here :)

nancyDeeAnda 4

= I scared of clowns

lolololer 8

me too :/ id probably just scream and shit myself at the same time