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Today, my wife gave me back my camera which she took on vacation to visit her parents with our 2-year old. I noticed the picture sequence had big gaps in the numbering. I ran an undelete on the card, and found 80+ pictures of her naked with another guy in her mom's bedroom. FML
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FYL, tell her to put on a big vacation slideshow and slip in the recovered pictures.

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That's terrible. What a *****-ish act.


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YDI for being a geek. Otherwise you would have never known and lived happily ever after.

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Ugh you poor soul :(. Show those pics to your wife and see what she thinks.

39, wtf? he doesn't deserve it. it's so much better that he knows rather than having a cheating wife. i'm sorry man, FYL.

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I wouldn't do that, they have a child and a kid comes before revenge.

Well, the wife had an affair while she was on holiday with the child. It's really her fault for not putting the child first. OP's entitled to a bit of sweet revenge. Yeah, post em online, but do something else too. EVERYONE does the whole posting online thing when they get photos of a cheating bf/gf- it's really not creative.

bullshit. He can do as he feels with the pictures. As for the kid. if he wants to go for divorce the kid doesn't matter in his decision to get a divorce. The kid may actually be better off too

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thats part of why the mom is such a bitch, she put herself first. The OP can get revenge which doesn't involve the child. And in most cases divorce is better for the child.

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ikr! or instead of putting them online, you could just bust her. BAHAHA rent a billboard and put one of the pictures on it. then write something like "love you too *****" XD ~i saw something like that on btw~ (: sorry and good luck!

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Divorce skrews kids up. They do badly in school and do things to make their parents upset, to get back at them for disrupting the house hold. Children need stability. Bouncing back from mom to dad, every day, week, month, year ***** kids up. They get a sense of not being wanted, and they always feel like it is there fault. It is a traumatic experince that causes trust issues in the future.

Wow, I didn't know I was so ****** up! Divorce doesn't ruin a kid's life. We aren't ALL dramatic, self obsessed *******.

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my parents have been divorced i hate my dad but i do awesome in school i have awesome freands and a awesome gf it isnt that bad im not ****** up in the slites way

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Just thought I'd tell you, my parents divorced and I graduated at the top of my class, I'm halfway through university on my way to becoming a doctor (family practitioner actually) and I've never gotten in a big fight with either one of my parents. So...don't try and sound all high and mighty, because you just aren't correct.

Toss me in with the successful child of divorce crowd. Graduated from high school and college with high honors. Second in my class in graduate school. Great job, great wife, no more screwed up mentally than the rest of humanity. Divorce is hard on kids, but it's not an automatic fail. Take your stupid generalizations elsewhere.

Oh, I didn't know I was traumatized by my parents' divorce... I thought I was doing quite well actually, but thanks for clearing that up.

You say that like mom screwing around isn't 'upsetting the household'... geezzz

dont have revenge cause if you do get a divorce you can use those pictures in court to get what you want but if you post that online she can use that agaist you. stay the good guy.

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im really sorry about your wife... you can do better obviously she isn't good enough for you.. i hope my dad doesnt know about undelete hhahaha

So, he just makes sure the cheating ***** doesn't get the kid. Since killing her isn't an option, he'd just have to find another way to ruin her image so she never sees her son again. go with the posting!

Ye, post them online but don't tell her you did it (she probably doesn't know you can recover them after being deleted). She might think it's the other one and dump him. If that doesn't work, tell her you know she's cheating.

102 - A) it's "screws." Skrew is not a word. B) There is little research to prove your point. Many children of divorce become well-adjusted adults though it may be traumatic for the kids in the beginning, but they adjust. What would be traumatic for kids is having parents constantly fighting, or remaining in emotionally, verbally, or physically abusive relationships. THAT "skrews" kids up.

How old were you when they split, just curious?

Wow... That ******* sucks. Good job on the Columbo-esque snooping. Hope u got a good lawyer.

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hey #102 I am a child of a divorced family and have always done great in school. i had over a 3.0 this year and am on the leadership board for my school. And I do feel loved. I think that if the two parents are not happy together than a divorce can be a good thing.

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Maybe send the pics to her parents. So that way when you divorce, her whole family will know why.

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No wonder I have a 4.0 and am completely happy! /s

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thats true, but many times living in a disfunctional family in which the parents do not love eachother is worse for kids then divorce

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39 your a douche he doesnt deserve that he got a ***** for a wife

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In reply to #102 If a parents cheated or there are good reasons to get a divorce then most of the time it is best for the kid for the parents to part! my parents stayed together for 15 years unhappily "for the kids" and it did more damage then good. By the time i was ten i knew that my father was a cheating lying a**hole!!! And that my mother was weak for putting up with him! Years later I love my mother but have no contact with my father because of all that and had they not stayed together maybe life wouldn't have been so bad and i would still love both of my parents! Oh and as for the comment about the kids doing bad because of it. Most all kids act up, they will find a reason but with loving parents, together or not, can get their kids threw it. As far as finding the pictures, if you get revenge remember that could follow you into court! So whatever you do make sure it wont cost you your two year old. Im sorry she is a cheating ho!

Not getting divorced when you should ALSO screws kids up. It's a lose/lose situation.

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she should post all picture online, but not tell her about it ;)

My parents are still together(and have been for 26 years) but my boyfriend's family is a wreck... his parents never were married and don't even like each other, but they still all live in the same house. Basically his mom is very mentally unstable and his dad is so stressed sometimes he just loses his temper. So yeah, I'm gonna say sometimes kids are better off with only one parent.

hahaha my parents have been divorced for over ten years and i have a 4.0 at the university of rochester in physics and optical engineering.... but i do badly in school. because my parents got divorced.

Yes, awesome in school, yet you have misspellings and bad grammar. I'm sure your parents are proud.

When they get back from vacation, the kid says " daddy, mommy was wrestling on our vacation." lol

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I agree with that #1 get those pics out online then send her the link to the page that will teach her ass a lesson

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Set 'em as your wallpaper and next time she gets on the computer make sure the divorce papers are on the computer desk...

102: I was five years old when I saw a classmate crying. I asked what was wrong and another girl told me his parents were divorcing. I asked what that meant, and she told me. I asked, "So why is he crying?" I lived in hope from that moment on that MY parents would divorce. They didn't. Result? I was homeless by 16, never finished school and it took years for me to trust a man. Sometimes, NOT divorcing screws kids up.

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what you need to do is get a divorce and show those pictures to the judge and get full custody of your child. that's the best revenge you can possibly get. tell the judge she's way to unstable and incapable of taking care of a child responsibly and the kid will be all yours. you win. sorry about the betrayal. best of luck to you

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wow I'm shocked wat a cheating bitch I hate cheaters divorce her ass .. I didn't know u can undelete on memory cards cool

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This was on SMBC haha, tell your kid shes a zombie back from the dead and the only way to stay safe is to scream "DONT LET MOMMY TOUCH ME!" everytime he/she sees her. Garunteed custody. Oh and those pics better be on Isanyoneup...NBHNC

To bad you can't spell, and have improper grammar.. Smh

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102.... You REALLYYYYY should have kept your mouth shut!! Lolll you're getting hit from every angle; and they have a point! If the parents are still responsible adults and aren't junkies then the child has an extremely high chance of turning out well. Actually, even if the parents are junkies... Some kids learn from their mistakes and do not allow failure to be an option in life.

The only problem is is that the two year old might see them some time later in his life.

send them to the mother assuming she doesn't know they had sex on her bed in her room.

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That's terrible. What a *****-ish act.

He should walk past her and say "Man that undelete function sure comes in handy, pretty huge gaps in that picture sequence" and see if her face turns red from embarrassment.

[odvious] Note the age of the child... he's 2... make the divorce fast and try for no visitation rights...[/odvious]

FYL, tell her to put on a big vacation slideshow and slip in the recovered pictures.

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LMAO. I agree. And invite her whole side of the family to come watch. And act just as shocked as everybody else when you see them.

**** yeah, and watch other peoples expressions, and pretend you knew nothing about it :)

Today, my husband invited my parents to watch a slideshow from my last vacation. I thought I deleted all my cheating photos but somehow they ended up in the show. The photos were taken in my parents bed. FML

YES. Insert them in the slideshow in the order they were taken. Not only will everyone see what a horrible person she is, but she'll also think she's going nuts and somehow forgot to delete the photos. But please, don't stop there with the revenge. I'm sure an intelligent person such as yourself can squeeze a bit more humiliation out of this for her.

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YES! Also, set up another camera. Reaction videos are all the rage these days.

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that's awesome... then she can't deny/argue her way out of it!

And don't forget to hide a camera, I bet that reaction will be priceless :)

who ever presses YDI is an ass hole, it's not your fault she cheated on you. like #1 said, post those online.

It could be his fault or looking in the recovered pictures. Who knows? Maybe the OP could be some clingy guy who needs to know everything. Maybe not though.

I always accidently click on YDI and it's impossible to change it.

I see this relationship ending in a very bitter divorce. I'm sorry you had to find out this way....but at least you did find out!

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you should print them out and send them to her mom!!!!

why the YDI's? OP, sorry for you and sad for the kid as well.

I actually think that the people who control this site have made it so that numbers are automatically added to the YDI option for every thread, so that we don't get suspicious. Gotta love a good conspiracy theory

yeah I don't think that's the case. I posted a FML and had some rude, odd, or cruel people YDI me, but not in the ratio that many people on here get. Keep in mind, there are a lot of ******* on this planet. And OP, yeah your wife is one of them. Hope she's the ex now or in the process of becoming the ex. FYL you poor bastard.

90, your profile says that you've never even submitted an FML..

You can't un-click once you hit FYL or YDI, so (I'm hoping, because OP really did not deserve it one bit) I'm sure that the majority of the YDI's were mistakes.